Discussion of games-- cheats, "what's that game?" questions, etc.
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What's the best NES game of all-time?
Searching For Games
what game is this? need name
adv. of lolo 3
Cool Spot
Kung-fu final?
Plz help me find this game...
What's your greatest NES accomplishment?
Cheesy games that you enjoy.
most pleasing visuals
What game had the worst ending?
Third-Party Companies
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Solar Jetman item
The last three games you finished
Game addiction
Lamest Boss
Why is Nintendo better than Sega?
Ripped off again!
Most Memorable Boss Battle
Does the nes games need special protection?
Game-specific groups
My worst enemy in Ghost'n goblins
What's that game?
Chip'n'Dale-Rescue Rangers
¿ whats that game ?
Nintendo in the crystallball
The Boiling Point
Street Fighters
Searching a game..
More Speed Runs
River City Ransom
Game Boy Games
Donkey Kong
Best Boss 2004
Grand Theftendo
Ghost N` Ghouls
Dragon's Lair help
What's that game?
Perfect Dark
New Guy Here in the emerging hobby of NES collecting...
The NES's Worst game compilation
What You Need.
Sleeves, don't clear dust?
MXC On NES? No Way!
"Cloned" games
Favorite World?
Games you need to finish
Best nintendo song
what was that war game?
NES midi's
4 Quattro sports rare ?
deadly towers
2-D The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!!!!!
True Secrets
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi
Dong Fang de Chuan Shuo
NES on the GBA
Play games and WIN... money?
The Death Of The Dog!
need help to figure out what game this is?
recording beat time
world 8 help
What's your favorite game?
river city ransom controls
Need help finding a game Important
Help finding another game!!!
A game like Mario's Picross on the NES?
What's your favourite genre?
Flipper Games!
The Background Game!!!
Proposing: Easter NES cartridge Exchange
Double Dragon 3, Who is Chin's Brother?
need help to find the name of this nes game
The movie which Kung Fu was based off of
Cyber-punk, Post-apocolyptic, Dark NES games?
NES Reproductions
Looking for a kind of puzzle game
What do you think is the most Underated game in NES' library
Anyone seen WIZARD?????
Battle of olympus question
Faxanadu is part of a Dragon Slayer Series
Do you play games for competition or for fun.
Good player one VS player two
Deja Vu!
Famicom on Australia
Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak
I finaly get a toaster to call my own!
NES title recognition game.
Faxanadu Site
More forums for famous series on the NES?
StarTropics Revival