More forums for famous series on the NES?

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If so, certainly Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) deserves one, too.

Faxanadu / Dragon Slayer Series

Star Tropics

We should have a vote as to which games should have their own forum and submit it to derek. Maybe he can enlarge the size of the place


If you want I could set-up a poll for more forums in the Game Specific forums, but I need to know which ones everybody would want for sure. There haven't been many topics on some of these games (if any), so we wouldn't want any dead forums. Let me know which ones you guys would want for sure, and I'll start some sort of poll, or we could just tally up votes from this topic. Actually, let's just do it here. We'll see what he has to say after we come up with something. Sound good?

I would definitely like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles forum myself.


Dragon Quest. Although my favourite DQs are for the SNES, these games are so great, their own forums would be great.

the game specific forums that we have now don't really see much activity. What I suggest, is just creating a thread about those games in the "Games" forum.

Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest and StarStropics should have their own forums.