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Hey,i loved this game.Do you remmeber 2 guys(if you play with somone),beating those guys...where can i get it?This site don`t have this great game.Thnx in advance

are you talking about Street Fighter 2010? if so you can get a NES ROM from here:

Nope I played that game when i was kid.On Nintendo,i remember the company who make that game had a sing of mouse,or rat.

Well, as far as two player simultaneous goes, there isn't much of a choice. Besides Double Dragon II and III, the closest I can think of would be River City Ransom. I don't remember any kind of mouse or rat mascot that the company had, but the companies name was Technos. Hope that helps some!

I think that story is:Girl is kidnapped by some clowons,and that girl is girlfriend of our hero.You can play in 2 players vs all other enemies.Game owned,so i am suprised that noone remembers it.

That is Double Dragon. Or else it sounds identical.

Are you saying the name of the game is Street Fighter 2010s?

I think it is...i am not 1005 is it Street Fighter 2010 or fighters.

sorry,i mean 100%.And yeah,you coud get in town,and get some coffe,and go to toystore.

Stopping in stores and buying things sounds like River City Ransom to me...

Yep!It is River City Ransom!thnx guys.I will post questions soon,becoshe when i was kid,i stuck at some wall.

River City Ransom was called Street Gangs in Europe, which explains why you were thinking it was called something like Street Fighter 2010s.

Don't know if this dead thread was worth reviving just to say that, but there you go

River City Ransom reminds me of Renegade. and that game is awsome. i love Renegade

Hi i think i know the game your talking about, you could choose 3 fighters 1 was Haggar a wrestler he was the girls father and the town mayour, the others were Cody the girls boyfreind a martial artist & i cant remeber the 3rd guys name but he was a ninja. I loved that game

You're talking about Final Fight, which was a VERY cool game.

Up around the middle of the thread, he figured out that it was Street Gangs, which was called River City Ransom in North America. Nice try though!

Thanks yeah i got all excited and leapt in to soon i then read that after i posted
Final Fight thats right...ahh the memories