Dong Fang de Chuan Shuo

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This is, i believe, the Japanese version of Zelda 1. (unless its a hack)
but i dont think it is. its pretty much the same, just japanese words...

These are definitely no Japanese words, but Chinese.
In Japanese Zelda sounds like
"Zeruda no densetsu."
"The Hyrule Fantasy" was the subtitle of Zelda 1 when I remember right.

So "Dong Fang de Chuan Shuo" must be the Chinese title.
Dong Fang must be "Zelda", chuan shuo means "legend".
= chuan shuo (Taiwan, HK)
= chuan shuo (China)
=densetsu (Japan)
(I hope everybody's computer can display the Chinese/Japanese characters.

"de" (的) has the meaning of "of" in this case.

When I find out how "dong fang" is written, I'll post it here. (When somebody is interested)

im interested, but my computer will not show the characters. they come up as little squares.

What version of Windows do you use?
(If you have apple, I can't help you, don't know anything about that)

In Win 98 you just have to install Japanese and Chinese language packs. You get them on the Microsoft homepage for free.

In WinXP everything should go automatically...

I love my Mac I didn't have to install anything, and I even opted to not install chinese language support in the OS install.

In all new versions of OSs it should work without problems.
Only Win98 and stuff may cause problems, but you can even get rid of those. (Everything works just fine on my old machine)

i have windows 98

Oh then, ket's see.
Go to the download section of and read your way through here

The Microsoft help pages are very good. Try them, too.

Sorry that I can't be of more help, but I don't remember exactly how I got it to work 6 years before.

thats cool. thanks. i'll download that soon. (just as soon as i restart that)

I hope your crappy computer can bear the load. That global IME things uses lots of resources as far as I remember.
Now I'm using XP and everything is fine. (I recommend you XP. It's from Microsoft, but -damn- it's good!)

i may not download it then, i dont want my computer any slower

I thought about it a little and "dong fang" could just be "the eastern countries" or "the east".
Just a guess from me.

In Chinese it's

It made my old computer a little slower and sometimes didn't work out perfectly.
Probably then it's better to wait until you have a new, better computer.

ya, i'll definetly download it when i fix this or get a new one