Cyber-punk, Post-apocolyptic, Dark NES games?

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On other game platforms - System Shock, Dreamweb, Shadowrun (my fav game ever) etc...

What Cyberpunk games were on the NES?
Which are your favourates?


I'm not altogether sure what makes a game cyberpunk, but I agree that Shadowrun is excellent. Definitely an underrated game.

I heard of shadowrun, but never played it.
I don't know anything "cyberpunk" on the NES... at least I can't think of something now...

well, post-apocalyptic describes A LOT of games from the NES/SNES era, and cyberpunk, to my understanding of the word is just futuristic punk-ishness. I would say Street Fighter 2010 would fit... I doubt you'll have much trouble finding games to fit that description if you make it a little more clear as to what you're looking for.


neither do I really, but I think that's the type of setting being described in the original post.

Ok, sorry if that was unclear. If you have played shaowrun you'd know what I mean. Ok, Im gonna list some games, books and films which are the type of thing I want to find in some NES Games.

Beneath a Steel Sky


Mad Max
Blade Runner

Getting close?
NES Games? Platformers? RPGs? Adventures?

Well for starters there's a Mad Max NES game.
If The Death Race 2000 the movie qualifies then there is a game of roughly the same title "death race"; I am unsure if they're related

There's is not much more NES related to that is there?
Only movie based films like Total recal,Rambo and so on.

Yes, much based on movies and stuff, but not much original I could think of.

1984 isn't cyberpunk. Neuromancer is cyberpunk. If you want a cyberpunk fix, pick up some William Gibson novels, the father of cyberpunk.

William Gibson... A name to look up on my next visit in the library.

Yes! Im sorry. 1984 was a bad exacmple. William Gibson. Completely right. It was one of his books that the Snes game Shadowrun was based on.

If you liked that, check a game called 'Out of This World'. I believe it was a 16-bit era game (Genesis or SNES).

Or my personal "cyberpunk" favorite, 'Blackthorne' for the SNES and (recently remade for) GameBoy Advance.

Don't know of any more NES though. Maybe 'Time Lord'?

Yeah, I thought Out of this World was FAR superior to Flashback. Same basic idea though. Maybe same engine? I think they were...

Trojan I guess.