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Need help finding a snes game I use to play. Dont have much info about it but here's all I can remember: Was a cart racing game VERY similar to mario kart just with different characters. You could race in a championship like mode and also do 2 player battle modes in battle arenas. The sides of the arenas could be broken allowing you to push cars out of the arena causing them to lose. Can only remember 2 characters: One was the red baron whose car was like a plane and the other was Frankenstein who's car had bat wings on it. Another character was like a beach girl and the cars had special moves that could be used. I know its not much to go on but if you have it or have played it you'll know what I'm talking about. Just looking for the name of it. Thanks

Street Racer! I loved that game. My favorite bit was the soccer game.

if i was you id look on ebay daily lol bound to turn up sumtime

Nah, he was just after the NES ROM.

I think that it can be F-Zero...

A lot of it sounds similar to F-Zero but he sent me a PM saying that it was indeed Street Racer he was looking for.

Thanks for the help it was street racer but now I need help finding another game and not the NES ROM. It was a regular NES game. You drove a red boat with guns (which could be upgraded i think) up river avoiding logs and stuff and at the end of the level were monsters like one was a giant sea dragon and the other was a giant crab.

When someone says "like Super Mario Kart", then F-Zero isn't in question when you ask me.

I'm pretty sure that's Cobra Triangle.

As we already found out in the other thread.

Ok, cool! So it was Street Racer, I'm glad that you found your game!