More Speed Runs

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Some of them are insane. most of the ones I downloaded are 'tool-assisted' AKA cheated (in my opinion) but there are a number of legit ones as well, many are .torrent files, which will require a bittorrent client to download.

post your thoughts/favorites!

I'm now trying do download some of them. Unfortunately I can't use bit torrent on my computer.
And also in my opinion, they cheated on some of them!
But still quite impressive.

Yeah, I found a site yesterday that said, "We are trying to create art." That's fine and all, but using slo-mo to make things look really good is just plain cheating! No matter why you do it, it's cheating! If you can do the crazy stuff with out the slo-mo, then that's art! Some people's kids...

claimed to be all legit, and played on the real consoles.

update: fixed the link...

I don't believe most the things I see in the speedruns.
They should film the guys (and girls

Yeah, video cassettes would be better, maybe. It's not that hard to Hook the RCA's into the VCR. I used to record myself beating games all time (dorky? Yes.). Another downfall to that is being able to Hook the computer into the VCR, although it should look different, and you would be able to tell (I think).

Well, there is a noticable difference in quality between the emulator runs and the VCR runs, and in the Megaman 2 run that I have the guy does make mistakes. takes damage a few times where it's not ideal to do so and things like that. I believe that one is real.

But when I see speedruns where the main character collides with the enemies without taking damage, that can't be good.
In some speedruns I have the impression, the bosses are easier to beat than they ought to be... I don't know.
There are runs that I do believe, and some I don't.

yeah, most of them are just frames pieced together from an emulator, I have no respect for that... now the VCR recordings are different, those people get respect for the mad skills they have.

There are people out there who really have skills in gaming. I really respect that.
I also respect people who can do good video editing, BUT not in connection with fake speedruns.

I was searching for quite a while but couldn't find anything (maybe I'm bad at searching...), but does anybody know a site where I can find not speedruns, but superplays of Beat'em up games (especially Soul Calibur)? (I already have a SF2 movie, but I want more)
E.g. I want to see people who play Soul Calibur 2 in Ultra hard mode or skill videos of the weapon master mode.
If anybody knows a good site, plz let me know and drop a few lines here or PM me.
Thank you.

I found this:

with google, not sure it's what you want, but it might help.

Not exactly what I was searching for, but thank you anyway.
I looked at some videos. They are nice.
Maybe I should contact the owner of that site.
And they seem to have a forum. I'll search there.

Thank you, Luke.

i used to tape myself on video games as well i thought it was funny to watch it