The Death Of The Dog!

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Hello! Have anyone felt that you really want to shoot the stupid annoying dog on DH? I bet everyone has been shooting on the stupid dog many times...but it doesn't work...Well check this link then:

i have a game like that on my web site. we've got a sort of online arcade, and we have Duckhunt in it. it gives you the option for a regular game, or killing the dogs.

He, he, yeah, I agree with you, it is very satisfying!

i have Karnov for a NES ROM. its hard to beat. you should have more life in that game

lol i played that game i think the shoot the dog flash is stupid though... repetitive

oh, very.

but isnt it nice to get vengence on the dog who mocks you everytime you let a duck go off the screen? who can deny the sweet revenge?
no one

Oh, that's fun for a while.
I'm now waitimg for Karnov to load...
I was better at dog shooting than on Karnov. That fat man can't dance!!

That dog hunt was.... satisfying. It would have been better if he was doing his laugh though. Thats when I really wanted to shoot him between the eyes.

Between the... EYES? I'd know better bodyoarts to shoot at.

Ha, ha! Yeah, I've always hoped that I would see that dog die some day, he, he! I agree with the laughing thing, if that dog did laughed in that flash game, I would have killed TWISE as much!

LOL,cool to shoot some dogs,that will teach not to laucgh at me!

I haver really thought on shooting the Dog from Duckhunt, however i have played the flash game.

Yeah, really? Cool! So what did you think of it?