need help to figure out what game this is?

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it is a two player tank game. thats all i can remember its been 8 years. u go around killing stuff. u and ur partner r on team

The only two player tank games I can think of is the Tengen game Vindicators. Have a look here and see if it's the game you're talking about:

no thats not the game. all i remember is that the first lvl ur on dirt or desert. ty though


maybe it is . it looks like that game. ty man ill have to try that game out

when i play Jackal on the computer nothin comes up just a black screen

it's a bad NES ROM, try downloading it from one of the other sites listed in the NES ROM Links thread on this forum.

ty man it is Jackal i been looking for that game for a long time. but i wanted it on my nintendo