Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi

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i thought this game was going to be like Doki Doki Panic. but it isn't at all. its really different, but really good. have any of you ever played it?

I didn't play it but I heard that game was remade into "Trolls in Crazyland".

Oh, how I hate those trolls.

i like it. if my computer wasnt so crappy, i would be able to sit here and beat it. but whatever. (i'll just look for the real thing).

What computer do you use? Is it really so crappy?

i use a messed up windows 98. and yes, it is that crappy. i need to restart it every half our because it stalls.

That IS crappy indeed...
Perhaps you should get another one. They aren't as expensive these times as they used years before.

yes, but right now i have no money for one. i dont have a job, (im looking though) i'll be making enough money soon though. because im going to job corps (pernounced job core)
they pay students about 40 dollars a week for being there.

Just for being there?
What do you have to do?

Geez! Come on lets talk NES.

I think that topic is quite finished.
Sorry for the OT talk here and there.