What's your greatest NES accomplishment?

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My greatest accomplishment was beating Ninja Gaiden without dying at all. Great game, and awesome story, with great sequels to boot!

Hmmm, well, I can't remember many of my old acomplishments, and I've just started playing NES again recently, so I'll have to say getting to Special Game Round 28 on Kickle Cubicle (lame I know, but as I said, I haven't been playing long.) going to see if I can finish it up today.

Defeating games like Battletoads and the first Turtles would have to be towards the top of my list of biggest accomplishments.

Nice, those were definately a couple of tough games.

beating Wizards & Warriors 2 !!!

(at last! )

I started playing that game again last night. I didn't remember it being so hard! without dying at all... you have my respect, Sir.

Thank you. It is difficult. I even tried to record myself on VCR conquering it without dying. I believe I died twice on the video. It feels really good when you actually do, though. Tough game. Never tried to master the other two, however. I think the third one would be next to impossible to do that with. I got the idea to try it from that cheesy movie "The Wizard." When they said he was on his second time through and he hadn't died yet, I thought, 'Yeah, right!' Turns out it is possible, though. Fighting Jaquio and the Demon with just a sword is a challenge!

I find I can get to 3-2 relatively easily, (not without dying several times just yet) but that level is hard right at the end. I hate the eagles! and those cloaked sword throwing guys, they hurt me pretty good too.

Yep. Darn birds! Those things can put a damper on that game. I've found the key to that game is to keep moving forward. Never stop for more than about 2.5 seconds, and you should be good. It's all a matter of knowing exactly what's coming up next.

just like Contra... more games that I hate so much because they're too good, and too hard at the same time.

Contra definately has a much bigger degree of difficulty without the world renowned code. I was thinking about the first turtles game after reading the reply from the guest above. That was hard. Once upon a time, I beat it. Now, I can't get through the Technodrome because of the rocket-pack guys. I remember getting through it using a crap-load of those wave weapons, but I just can't do it anymore! Oh well, maybe eventually...

I have that one as well, I should work on it after Ninja Gaiden. But I should finish the bonus game on Kickle Cubicle before I start Ninja Gaiden... NES is too fun

Another really cool game is a puzzle game called Fire and Ice. It has my vote as the best puzzle game out there. It's the sequel to a game called Solomons Key. Both were by Tecmo. Solomons Key wasn't that great, but Fire and Ice rocks!

And what about Lolo 1 ? Has anyone finished all the puzzles? It seems to be impossible!

Beat Rygar, still find it one of the hardest NES Games.

If you could let us know exactly where you are stuck at, I'm almost positive someone could help you out. Start a new thread entitled Lolo, and we'll take it from there.

To: Nes-a-holic
If you enjoy Rygar enough, it could be up for best stand alone game. Go to the What's the Best Game forum, and enter what you think the best stand alone game is, and what the best series is. Currently there are only two nominees for best stand alone. Final Fantasy and Rygar. If you can think of any other nominees, feel free to post your opinion. Oh, and yes, Rygar was kind of tough. I love the way the game was put together.

Yeah man great game,mega great, only they f**ked up the music, i hate the tune,always put sound off when i play.
FF is a great game too, takes some time to finally understand how to beat it, man i wish i had more time to play!

I know what you mean. Most of the time I'm so tied up, I have NO free time for myself. Luckily, I have a month of down-time right now, so I can do all sorts of stuff!

Yeah that sounds good , i never have that really, work work work.
In the weekend on sunday i find time to play usually.

Beating Ninja Gaiden, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Double Dragon III, SectionZ, Low G Man (all difficulty levels), Track and Field II, Iron Sword, Shadow of the Ninja and Solstice. Without any kind of cheating of course.

I've also beaten Lolo 1. However I'm stuck at Lolo 2, that one is a lot harder.

Reaching Level 20 at Tetris. Damn that gets fast.
LV20 is just uncontrollable...

beating Street Fighter 2010, Legendary Wings, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1

beating Battletoads in battlemaniacs, x-men & spiderman in arcade's revenge.

those two SNES Games are absolutely brutal


....Wow you have my respects..i cannot even defeat jaquio without at least continuing 3 times!! much less with a sword!!.

Thank you! It gets easier as you try. Since you don't get to keep your magic after the masked devil, it's a must to beat him with your sword if you want to beat it without dying.

That game has become my time-killer. If I have like... 30 min. to kill, I usually throw that in and beat it real quick. Unfortunately there are a few parts I've gotten sloppy on. I'm currently playing NG III, so I hope to kick that games tail in the same fashion!

beating Street Fighter 2010, Legendary Wings, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1

beating Battletoads in battlemaniacs, x-men & spiderman in arcade's revenge.

those two SNES Games are absolutely brutal

I didn' think Legendary Wings was hard at all. I'm pretty bad at shooters but I've beaten Legendary Wings quickly. Just get the POWer-ups as fast as possible.

i'm terrible at shooters, so beating LW was an accomplishment for me.

Getting my NES to work.

But game wise

- Beating Faxanadu
- Beating Mario Brothers one and 2
- Learning to use the Game Genie

probably beating all the Megamans with out cheating