deadly towers

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this game is really hard. but its fun. how do you like it, and have you ever beaten it?

Well, I've only played it a handful of times... developed by Broderbund if I remember correctly(?). I wasn't too impressed with it, as I have never found my way out of any of the dungeons. Didn't put that much effort into it, either. I think I could get into it if I gave it a chance...

I haven't heard about this title before.
But if you recommend it I might give it a try in the spring break.
It's an RPG, right?

What would you do without Shadow? Introducing you to unknown good games and such.

It's more of an action game with RPG elements scattered here and there.



Its an action game mixed with a lite RPG game.

yes. but a good combo. i'd say its a 'little' like the adventures of link. but you dont run into enemies. you walk around shooting knifes and you have hp and you buy shields and stuff.

Its an action game mixed with a lite RPG game.
Fair enough, but there's no experience points or level stats.

Your character gets stronger by finding armor and weapons which are scattered about the game. Therefore, 'Deadly Towers' is an "adventure game" in the purest sense of the term.
Just like 'Zelda'! Except without the greatness.

NOTE: The dungeons are not necessary to explore (just the overworld). Avoid them and you'll avoid the worst part of 'Deadly Towers'.

Dungeons that needn't be explored? What kind of game is that!
I know it's no RPG, but also in Adventure games the dungeons should be the interesting part (and in most cases is).

i dont understand about the game myself is when you walk into a particular spot and a dungeon type place comes up, but its like a maze. you can go up, down, left, and right through the doors, but i've never found my way out of one. those arent the "actual" dungeons though. the "actual" ones are those of which you go through and end up fighting the main enemy, then afterwards you collect the item he was guarding.
(but those maze things, they piss me off)

That would piss me off, too... When I can't get out of such mazes.
So, how do you get out? By dieing? Or resetting?

i usually just kill myself but i try to get out, then i take my last resort (death)

If you get no other chance, that's the only way.
Good that it's only a game.

that game should take me quite a while to beat.