Why is Nintendo better than Sega?

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Why is Nintendo better than Sega?

I asked you tell.

because nintendo makes good first party games, and spreads their focus beyond the flagship character.

Game selection, following from the 8/16-bit, marketing... you name it, pretty much. It always seemed like most of the games put out on a Sega console were thrown together rather quickly. There are exceptions, of course (Ikaruga), but I think Nintendo markets really well.

Ikaruga is an incredible game, I have it for the DC (not sure if it was released on anything else) I grabbed it 'cause it was small, and then I started playing it, it's simple, but the polarity thing is such an awesome twist on the classic shooter.

Yes! Another fellow Ikaruga player! Great game, huh?

You know, I thought of a good analogy between Nintendo and Sega. They are kind of like Marvel and DC comics were in the late 80's early 90's (Nintendo being Marvel and Sega being DC).

you mean creative, able to separate characters and worlds, and able to come up with new ideas, Vs. well... able to make 2 characters, and have them in cities across the river from one another?

It's the music!
I played Mario for years and never found the tunes annoying.
Now I'm trying Sonic (from the Sonic Mega Collection, Gamecube) and I frankly don't like the music. It's ok when you hear it for the first time, but it becomes quite annoying quite quickly.
And of course, everything already stated above: Gameplay, the characters and everything.

I love 'em both. Choosing between them would be like picking a favorite son. Dreamcast and Gamecube are my two favorite systems of all time.

Oh, and Ikaruga is available on the Gamecube. Good luck finding it, though.

Ikaruga is available on the GameCube? Give me more info! This might be a reason to place the GameCube back into my collection immediately! Is it the exact same game?

Yeah, I don't think they added anything. Pretty sure its a direct port.

Sega is great, but nintendo is better. Nintendo had bunches of grat memorable character such as Link, Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong ect. where Sega only really had Sonic. Sonic is great and all, but just one character can't support the entire company.

Well they don't really have "mascots" aside from Sonic and company, but they have lots of great franchises. Panzer Dragoon, Crazy Taxi, House of the Dead, etc. Yeah, many of their best series are twitch arcade titles, but they're still a blast.