Proposing: Easter NES cartridge Exchange

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Since most to all of us are collectors of NES cartridges, I think an Easter cartridge exchange would be something fun and interesting.

Rules could be something like this...
1. Games exchanged must be of equal rarity, confer with trader before exchange.
2. Users participating must have at least 20 posts within forums (to curb scamming).
3. All users wishing to participate must be in by March 11th to ensure item is recieved by Easter.
4. State the country to ship to if/when you choose to join..

Mods, if you like the idea, please sticky and place in the right forum (if not already). If not, delete it.

I'm not sure this is something I'd want to partake in, number of posts shows nothing for a persons integrity... I'll leave the thread around and see what others think of it though. Might work out for some of you.

I think the forum is too young at this point for the users to trust each other on that level. Roth is the only member that I've spoken with outside the context of the forum. I know NOTHING about any other member.

That's true.
You don't know the other members well enough.
And 20 posts.. are earned in 20 minutes if you like.

Good points across the board...I figure it is a bit early, maybe let it grow a bit, and pitch the idea come Christmas.

Basically it IS a good idea, but a bit early, as you wrote.


And it's good to be cautious about something like that.