recording beat time

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call me crazy, but whenever i beat a video game, i record it on a piece of paper...

i tell the game i beat, the time, the month, day, and year.

last year, i beat a BUNCH of games

(over my summer vacations, i like to beat as many games possible before school starts back up) (ps, im in highschool)

Nah, that's not crazy... I used to record myself beating games on video! I still do, every now and then! A list is cool, dude...

thats good to know, then im not insane

but i actually have a bulliten board in my room, i keep the posted "record" paper on there with a thumb tack.

i think last summer vacation, i beat over 10 games...
(around 14 or so...)

You're at least not "dangerous-insane". You're a normal video game insane.
Welcome to the club.
(Every real gamer makes notes on what games he beat... I think)