MXC On NES? No Way!

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My current TV Obsession of the past few months has been MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) on SpikeTV: A Japanese Game Show Comically Dubbed and re-edited. When I Found out 2 Famicom games were released. I was ecstatic. You can get the NES ROM, but you need a POWer pad with side B Turned Upwards. Just get a NES-to-USB Converter, and you'll be playing "Sinkers and Floaters" , and "Wall Bangers" in no time

Could you go into a little more depth about this TV show. I haven't had cable for about 3-4 years!

MXC As i said was a Japanese game show. This games how was called "Takeshi's Castle" or "Fuun Takeshi Jou" In which contestants of 100 do crazy obstacles, like run over a set of 4 rolling logs without falling out,or run up a mountain while people roll large plastic rocks over a mountain, and they win prizes. All Aspects of the show hve been changed ,except for the footage. The newly modified characters are the wise commentator Vic NES ROMano, the chicks-and-beer hungry sidekick Kenny Blankenship, and the incredibly perverted reporter Guy Ledouche. It's a real kickass show.

I've watched it a time or two, that show is hilarious, you'll have to do a review of it sometime.

It's a very old show. I quite liked it, but it isn't on TV anymore (in Germany).

I also tried the games on an emulator, but 1 didn't work and the other one didn't make me want to play on.

I better like movies by Takeshi than games with him.
(Has anybody seen Battle Royale? ... uncut version of course)

After I read this I decided to do a little research and hers what I came up with.

I have seen that Takeshi's Castle, its quite funny, i think there are a few more game shows liek that in Japan arnt they?

Cool site.

There are really all the funny contests in this game.
I like the contest where they have to run over a pond and some of the stones are loose.

I haven't seen that show in a couple of years but seeing that site really brings back the memories. I loved how no matter how much pain the contestents went through they always came out with a smile on their face. It was like they thought; "I just ran pull pace into a brick wall, I'm bound to get on TV!".

I didn't konw there were games made. Excellent!

Sweet, I love that show, I like when they review the top 10 most painful stunts!