What's your favourite genre?

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What genre of games do you like the most?

Other: survival horror, followed closely by rhythm.

Resident Evil, isn't it?

I'd say Zelda type games, ones where you actually fight physically rather than by a turn based method. I used to call them RPG's but have been told repeatedly that they are not, so I have opted for Adventure instead.

Zelda is more of an action RPG, but there are definitely less RPG elements than in games that are most often referred to as action RPGs, such as Baldur's Gate, Diablo, or the more traditional Secret of Mana-style action RPGs.

In Germany they call games like Zelda "action adventure".
Especially Zelda is NO RPG, because you don't gain higher levels by fighting and earning experience points. You get stronger by finding heart containers.


i'd say from your list, platformers.

but another one of my favorites not mentioned is survival horror. (resident evil all the way!!! )

RE fans seem to be picky about that thing with shooters and survival horror.
Sorry to you all that I forgot survival horror in the list.

I would have 2 say rpg is my number one, but thank GOD we do not need to choose, cuz if we did life would be boring.

Of course we have the freedom to play all the games we like (when money isn't the problem ).

Mostly adventures,rpg's i like too and beat 'm up.

I voted RPG, but I really like video games. especially fun ones. I don't really like to declare a favorite.

I voted for shooters , my fav NES Games being 1942 , GunSmoke , G.I. Joe.

"Survival horror" seems more like a trendy term to describe a game's setting rather than it's actual genre.
Resident Evil could easily be called an "adventure" game, but something like Fear Effect would be more of an "action" title. Both however, fall in the category of "survival horror".

Anyway, I choose "adventure" as my most general favorite game genre. I like finding things.

Adventure and Platformers are close second to my favourite RPGs.