StarTropics Revival

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StarTropics is one of my favorite games, unfortunately they haven't continued this series. I was looking for some information about this series and found a petition form to revive this series. If you are a fan of this series, please sign it.

Number 43 on the list.
I think they'll need another 3 zeros in order to being heard...

I'd like to see another Startropics game!

Number 45!

Guess who number 44 is.

honestly, I'd say you'd be better off trying to find a person/group of people to do it as a hobby, or from love of the game. a lot of modern remakes or sequels to old games bare little resemblance. Making them an entirely different game just bearing the namesake. I'm certain that's not what you want in this case.

But chances are that a good game comes out...
Probably the petition won't have success anyways...

Thanks for signing the petition. I'm number 42. I'm sure this petition will succeed .

# 48


startropics was one of my favorite games.
oddly enough, i never played part II

I haven't ever played the first . Whats it like.

Ahhh god ol Star Tropics. The game with the Zelda nes like menu . itd be nice if they did make another one heh.

ohh yeah 79 and my favorite number is 36 but i gots 79

never played the 2nd which I am guessing you probably played. I have heard the 2nd is more free roaming like diagnol movement. Startropics 1 played real good, kind of like the old RPGS where you move left to right, up to down. But you could still jump. I reccomend getting the NES ROM for your emulator though to see for yourself

I looked for the NES ROM of it, and I couldn't find it. Also, I did play the second one. It was fun. Haven't played it in years though.


Thank ZHX.

Thanks Roth!!!

See Roth is a nice guy. isn't he?

Yea, him, and NES-Luke have helped me out the most!