¿ whats that game ?

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hey whats up
i´ve been looking for a game lately that i barely remember so my description is pretty vague.All i remember is its a guy who goes threw a checkered floor and you either shoot or jump over different obstacles.And at the end of each level you have to shoot at a dragon.anyone have any ideas?
thats all i can come up with rite now
thanks ,peace

Ah... my wife just asked if it was 3-D Worldrunner?

Actually, its "The 3-D Battles of Worldrunner". I'm pretty sure there was another NES game that used the same engine, so it could very well be that too, but I can't remember the name. I think it had "animal" in the title. Maybe it was a Famicom game...

man you guys know your stuff,thats the one
thanks alot

Is it? My cartridge just says 3-D Worldrunner! Have I been ripped off?