Chip'n'Dale-Rescue Rangers

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I've always liked Chip'n'Dale, but since there is two games of them on the NES I picked a favorite. I picked the first Chip'n'Dale. I guess it's because of the robodogs and mouses, and the apples that you can throw at enemies. The caracters are bigger too. So I'm asking which game you enjoyed the most. Please post in your opinion.

I don't think I played RR2, but I loved the first when I played it at a friend's house when I was little. The robodogs and apples were great. I believe it also was 2-player simultaneous-- not something you often see with a platformer...


The first Rescue Rangers. The second one was good, too. The first one just grabbed me so hard when I first played it. I'll have to play them both again to make a final decision...

Sadly I passed on playing this game as I thought the main characters might have been male exotic dancers.

I have the first one, but I've never even seen the second one around, although I know very well of the existence. The furry game's great.