What's that game?

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Hi I'm looking for a game, but I don't know the name. It's a platform game it looks like the civil war. You start with a map where you can move from one area to another, you can see the ocean and if it comes any enemies in their ships. I think it is like when you face the enemy you have to run over a field till you reach the end and capture their flag. That's all I know..., but if you know anything please post it!

Bionic Commando?

The 'civil war' thing threw me off, but that might be it. Other than that, I can't think of anything else. If that's not correct, do you think you can remember anything else?

Well it's quite a long time since I've played it now, but I think it was something about red and blue team, I don't remember, but I think that you could pick red or blue team...

Im thinkin

North & South

Let me know if im right

Maybe, where can I find the game?

Our very own ZombieHunterX has a site that is not completely up yet, but NES ROMs are available in the directory listing...

Check there. If it isn't there, try The Old Computer. Hope it works out for you!

If you are in the us it is on us ebay. I have the NES ROM to play on my emulator wich you can find on the internet. The game is faiply rare so expect to pa $15 and up.

Here are two links on ebay.

I was going to mention 'North and South' but the whole "platform game" thing threw me off.
North and Sound is a Real-Time Strategy game.

I think we are both right. I believe that is the game but Who knows. I have the NES ROM witch i will gladly send through aim. Thats the onlyway I know how. I have no idea how to send a NES ROM through email.

You should be able to just attach it. If not, just put it in a compressed folder. That ought to work just fine.

It was North & South, thank you very much!