Game addiction

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Maybe it's just me, but when I start a game, I can't help but make sure it gets finished before turning it off. Circumstances apply of course, such as the game is really long, or it's a terribly hard game that I can't negotiate all the way through yet. I kind of lose focus on other things, and just go! Anyone else have this problem?

most certainly... as I stated with my FFVII story, I can spend A LOT of time on a game. when I first got FFIX I spent 12 hours a day+ on it, I had it finished in a week I think, FFVIII was the same when I actually sat down to play it. I have a thing for finishing 60 hour RPGs in a week or two.

Holy shit dude! I only get at max about 2 hours a day. I don't have that kind of time to play video games!

Yeah, neither do I. Luckily, I'm in between semesters right now, so I get all kinds of time. I plan on using it to my fullest, too!

Well, the FFIX time was just after a christmas... so I had time, I think I finished it before school started back up. That was a great game.