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Which NES game in your opinion had the most pleasing visuals? I haven't been able to decide. when you post, please indicate which aspect of the visuals made it your choice, be it animation, colours, character detail, etc...

I'm starting to sound a bit redundant and biased here, but I'd have to say the first Ninja Gaiden. It's all in the cinema screens. The music went perfect with things that were being said, and the whole thing just holds my interest like a movie or something. Every time I play it, I watch the cinema screens. The only time I skip is if I'm doing something strange like timing myself. Best visuals for me: Ninja Gaiden

it it certainly near the top of the list, but I'm still not sure which is the best... there were some nice looking games out there.

If I were to go by playing time graphics, it would be Battletoads. That game used a great palette of colors. Very catchy.

I would have to say turtles 2. Everything about it was good just like the arcade game.

Bubble Bath Babes

Very "pleasing" visuals on that one.

The "puzzle" type game...

Was that ever released as a cart, or was it designed post-NES? I always kind of wondered about that, seeing as how Nintendo always tried to stay squeaky clean.

Bubble Bath Babes

Very "pleasing" visuals on that one.

heh, of course. I know of a multicart that had another game with similar visuals, I should see if I can get it.

Bubble Bath Babes

Very "pleasing" visuals on that one.

Yeah Man. 8-Bit Porn. Thats hot.

Batman: Return of the Joker

Kirby. That was the most colourful clean crisp fun ive seen for a nes.

I'd also say Kirby. The colors are so sweet you might get bad teeth though.

id say shattered hand. The blinking of the lights and the incredible detail made it aw spiring. Loved it

i've always liked Rygar - maybe its the mountains and sunsets.

i also loved shadowrun's visuals - pleasing, but in a different way