Deja Vu!

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Hi, I was just wondering what all of you guys and girls to say their meaning of the game: Deja Vu! I mean all of you! Please take the time to answer! Myself: I love it!

I haven't played very far into it, but I love those old style point and click adventure games. Another you might like is a game called NightShade. It's a little different than Deja Vu, but from what I played, it was a very good game.

Deja Vu was an awesome game! I love the one prior to (Shadowgate), and the one after (Uninvited), too! Really cool games.

The point and click gaming is done pretty well on the NES. All three of those, and the one NES-Luke mentioned (NightShade) are all awesome. Another one that I liked was Maniac Mansion.

The story in Deja Vu was really cool, trying to figure out just who you were. Hence the name of it, I suppose! Puzzles were cool, but not frustrating, either. Overall, a really good game.

Deja Vu is a Fantastic game i love the creepy music

My favourite Piont and Click game on NES is Maniac Mansion, love that game, even after you have funish it you find new things when playing it again

Yeah, that's the best part about some games, that it is always something new in it. It would have been boring if the fun was over just by finishing the game...