Do you play games for competition or for fun.

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hello just wondering if you guys play videogames for the fun or just to try and beat it because if i play it to try and beat it i get mad. so i just relax and play for the fun even if i cant beat it heh. Just wanna know your thoughts. Thanks

I play mainly for fun, although I love the satisfaction of finishing a game.

same here. I see finishing a game as some sort of a bonus i guess you could say.

Yeah, I play mainly for fun, but strive to beat them. I used to keep a list of games that I beat called "The Conquered List." hahah

I seem to have lost that a long time ago, though. Perhaps I should use a spreadsheet and make my list again....

I play for fun but do admit that I have gotten a bit too serious on occasion and thrown the controller across the room.

I play mostly for fun, but I like the satisfaction of actually beating the game.

I play for fun. I don't really have anyone to compete against.

Same here, i play alone so it's for fun,some people can understand the addiction but most don't because of the new generation stuff.

Both, I play for fun when I am stressed out or bored. I play for competition when I know I am good at a game and my freinds want a challenge.


Competition wise, I think one of my favorite things to do is play Contra two-player, and see who can get up the waterfall the quickest! hehe

I agre... wait! no I don't! I hate that part! I always try to kill everyone and explore, and I get killed because of my impatient partner

I definitely WANT to play for "fun".

But my main Goal is to make every game my bitch.

I play for fun and some times for competition

Well, I do also play just for the fun of it, and I like to play the NES Games and think of the good old days, he, he! But I'm only 14 years old, so I never really got to live the days when the NES was new, oh well...

I play for fun but my main Goal is to win every game that I play.

Sweet! A Star Tropics fan! I loved that game, thats my second favorite game to Faxanadu

I must admit I never played Startropics.
I always wanted to have it because of the reviews in the Nintendo magazines, but couldn't afford it.
Perhaps now is the chance to get it.

i played startropics. Its alright nothing special really. You have an overhead map and when you get into the dungeons your character is taller and kills stuff with yoyo's..o and you solve puzzles

I guess im lucky. I have a good buddy who loves nes. We alway compete.

i guess im not lucky all my friends suck at NES Games and never want to play them unless we cheat

i barely ever get to compete on the nes and when i do i always win because he never plays it so i get practice...
Competing isnt fun without competition

Me and my freinds have tryed to re-fix my NES, going to have to get that new pin or find another Game Genie. I am lucky if I can even turn it on any more