Looking for a kind of puzzle game

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I can't remember the name.
You are a man in a sort of maze and you have to push around boxes on certain marks.
That's all I remember.
Can anybody help?

it could be one of the Lolo games, or maybe Loderunner... that wasn't a very specific description.

No it's none of the two.
I know the description is bad, but pushing big boxes is the only thing you do in the game. No enemies or such.

Is this a NES game? It sounds identical to a game on my friends phone. Push a few blocks around onto the marked squares. I've played a few similar games over the years though.

I'm pretty sure there's a nes version of that game.
I just can't recall the name... What's the name of the game on your friend's phone?

I'm sorry I can't remember. I was quite addicted to it a few months ago. I always called it "that game on your phone"! If it was a nes or other console game I doubt a phone clone would have the same name anyway. The same way that Tetris tends to get called something like Blockfall on phones.

well, it may not be of much help, since they don't have all of the games listed. but you could browse the screenshots here: to see if anything is familiar, or if you have a lot of time... you could browse the NES section, they have pretty much every game you could imagine listed, and screenshots for many of them.

Kickle Cubicle is where you freeze guys then push them a across a level to form a land bridge to the bonus.

Fire n Ice is a game that you make ice blocks and slide them to kill fire enemies.

The description more simliarily reminds me of KSokoban (i think that is the spelling) that came with one of my older linux distros (in KDE).

There's a box pushing maze game on the SEGA Genesis called 'Shove It!' that sounds a lot like the game manuel is describing.

A similiar title was released on the GameBoy called 'Boxxle'.

I think there were a few of those.

That's all I can think of.

Thanks uglyjack and Z.E.N.!!!

Sokoban was the name I was looking for. It just wouldn't come to mind.
It's a great game, everybody should try it.

Shove it and Boxxle = Sokoban.

Thanks again, dudes.

I checked and there is a Famicom version from ASCII of the game that's called 涙の倉庫番, namida no sokoban. In english it would be something like "the crying warehousekeeper".
I wonder if there is a European version...

I spent almost a whole day playing ksokoban with my brother after I installed Linux on one of my machines, it is a rather good game. But I'm not a big puzzle fan.

In Japan you could earn a "genius" certificate when you played through all the 300+ levels of a certain sokoban software.