Play games and WIN... money?

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Win "money" you say? For playing games? Video games?

Are you a crazy maniacal lunatic wackjob, you ask?

Well... yes AND!

This website claims to be offering cash prizes ("bounties") for achieving specific Goals in video games.

Nearly all the major consoles are covered from the past 20 years.
Bounties include scoring a certain number of points, to getting a fast time, or accomplishing a very difficult trick.

Some bounties are worth between $100-150 and more.
You'll find those here:

Anyone who's good at games (or even just one certain game) should check this out.

Oh that sounds interesting.
Great site you found. Many links to new speedruns and superplays, exactly what I was searching for.
Unfortunately I think I'm too bad at those games to win a bounty.

if they're not joking (or scamming) about winning money, and my computer can handle the games, i'll do it!

thats pretty sweet but yeah im not that great of a gamer do accomplish any of those
(or am i just to lazy to try)

o well its one of them

there is actually a couple i could DEFINATLY do.
if my computer and emulators were working right, i could EASILY beat the time on Megaman 2 and Megaman x.

Megaman 2's best time on there is 38 minutes or so, i've beatin it in about 31 minutes or so...

and Megaman x's on there is 48 minutes, i've beatin that game in a half hour before.

(of corse, i've been playing Megaman games ALMOST since they first came out ...)

That's great!
Just buy a new computer and pay it off with the bounties.

That's an interesting find, Z.E.N. I've visited that site before, so this must be something new they are incorporating. I didn't really read too much into it, but I wonder where the funds would be coming from?

By the way Z.E.N, I like the image portion of your sig! Pretty cool looking!

Yeah I came up with the design myself. I think it was from a dream or deja'vu or something.


By the way, did anyone read the bounty on NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Challenge rating out of 5?!

Geez! There is no way that's worth all the stress for $50! That game is hard enough without being able to POWer up your turtles to the max at every oppurtunity! Whatever!

PS: I liked Z.E.N's design so much, I thought I'd use it, too!

That's great!
Just buy a new computer and pay it off with the bounties.

it is a pretty good idea, but it would only pay part of it. each of those bounties are only worth 25 dollars. so in all i'd get 50. and a new (good) computer would cost hundreds

(i could buy RE4 with the bountie though )

(i could buy RE4 with the bountie though )

You'll have to wait until next January though (the next date the bounties are paid).

damn, your right... but i need to buy RE4 before then! it looks like it will be one of the best games i'll own in my GC collection.
(it will be my 17th game )
my friend just bought it, im WICKED jealous. he's all bragging like "oh! look at this cool feature!" its aggrivating me... poor me

Can't you play it at your friend's place or borrow it when he's through with it?