Best nintendo song

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My choices are Contra's boss music, Megaman 2's Flashman and Crashman, Ninja Gaiden's Mine Shaft, and Blastermaster's second level. (Ironically, The Advantage played all of these songs except Crashman)

Honorable mention: Song of storms!

The music from the overworld of The Legend of Zelda. Classic.

i like the music from Super Dodgeball

Any Ninja Gaiden, any Castlevania, and the street-fighting + boss music from The Adventures of Bayou Billy. Those all have great soundtracks. I'm sure there are others that I really dig, but those jump to mind right now...

all of Ninja Gaiden, all of Megaman 2, and a lot of others that I can't think of when I haven't slept in almost 30 hours

Megaman 3, Castlevania (series), Ninja Gaiden, Super Dodge Ball, JOURNEY TO SILIUS, Battletoads, that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

I like championship bowling music also

Super Mario Bros. 1. I'm surprised nobody has posted it yet.

it was memorable, and very recognisable, but it's far from the best.

it was memorable, and very recognisable, but it's far from the best.

Exactly why i would think it was the best. When people hear that song they know exactly where its from, and think of the nes. When they think of the nes, they probably think of that song. Thats just me though.

that's a valid point I suppose, I know I often catch myself playing that tune in my head )

that's an approach to the question that I hadn't considered. I'll agree with you on that song.

Ah... I just thought of a specific for Castlevania. It's from Simon's Quest, in Dracula's Castle Ruins! Now that is awesome music. Also, Solstice. That is some mood music if I ever heard it! Almost makes me feel like I'm in the game!

It would have to be that song from the old Nintendo cereal commercial from the 80's.

It's for breakfast now
It's a cereal WOW!"

Man that was catchy!

Megaman 2: Bubble Man, and Crash man come to mind.

As well as The Donkey Kong Rap

Zelda overworld theme
Super Mario Bros. theme
Megaman series

Once you hear them you just can't get them out of the ear.

lol last year me and my friends mostly me would beatbox the mario toon its so awsome i beatbox and i humm the music at the same time its kinda hard but awsome

theme from Double Dragon - suh'weet

Zelda songs were good and i love the super mario ones as well

I'd like to add Ninja Gaiden's second level music and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's surfing level.

Ninja Gaiden 1 Master Theme (it's on stage 4-2)
Best nes song i ever heard
i used it as my ringtone for years
and i want to add music from Tecmo World wrestling it's good too

you can get them all at

my favourite site for Game's music theme

Almost: All snes Starfox tunes.

And on the NES?

Bubbleman's tune!
The oringnal nes version in midi ).mid
Arrangement from VGMusic.Com( Sounds like Megaman X)

There you have it manuel. My fav Nes tune