Donkey Kong

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The first Donkey Kong game that goes all the way back to 1981, is not a very big game, well that's my opinion...Still I think it's cool to own it. It doesn't have to be on the nes, it could be on game boy or your computer. After all it's the first game that really hit it big for Shigeru Miyamoto (The same guy that made SMB.) So what you think of the game?

I think it's a good game. Even lately I find myself playing it. Some games are just fun. That's one of them. Making Donkey Kong fall on his head is very amusing! It will probably always be played by people, it's a classic!

THAT game is the definition of CLASSIC to me. Something you can play over and over again and still have a great time playing it. NES-RULE!---you already mostly heard of this but you might interested in the new edition of the old school Donkey Kong. Hell, you may already have it but i found a great price on it that maybe you would like to check out:

That's cool! I haven't got that game, but I'm sure gonna try to get it!

the graphics in Mario Vs. Donkey Kong looked great, awesome animations and stuff, not likely something I'd buy, but I would like to play it.

I think the 1st time i played this game was on Commodre 64, i could be wrong, but for NES all I got is Donkey Kong Classics