Faxanadu is part of a Dragon Slayer Series

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It was the Falcom Dragon Slayer series that was extremely popular in Japan and other Asian countries.

Falcom is also known for the Ys series.

Here again is a list of the games in the Dragon Slayer series:

Falcom Dragon Slayer Series
1.1 - Dragon Slayer (1984)
2.1 - Xanadu (1985)
2.2 - Xanadu Scenario II (1986)

3.1 - NES ROMancia (1986)
4.1 - Dragon Slayer Family (1987)
5.1 - Sorcerian (1987)
5.2 - Sorcerian Additional Scenarios Vol.1 (1988)
5.3 - Sengoku Sorcerian (1988)
5.4 - Pyramid Sorcerian (1988)
6.1 - The Legend of Heroes (1989)
6.2 - The Legend of Heroes II (1992)
7.1 - Lord Monarch (1991)
7.2 - Advanced Lord Monarch (1991)
7.3 - Monarch Monarch (1994)
8.1 - The Legend of Xanadu (1994)
8.2 - The Legend of Xanadu II (1995)
9.1 - Xanadu Next (2005)

I found this out at a GameSpot forum.

that's really interesting! now we need a list of which games were on which consoles...

PRobably between NES and SNES. ITs kind of cool that they are JUST starting to make the Xanadu Next

Most of the Dragon Slayer series appeared on the MSX and MSX2 computer in Japan (the same system the 'Metal Gear' series debuted on).

I believe there were 6 original Dragon Slayer games.
I had no idea the 'Faxanadu' was part of the series though.

I do know that 'Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family' made it's way to the NES, later being re-titled 'Legacy of the Wizard'.

So I guess that means that 'Faxanadu' and 'Legacy of the Wizard' are part of the same series.

Sort of.

That's an interesting fact to know.

I have Faxanadu, but I didn't know that it's part of such a long series.

Yea, I just wish it was more known as a gmae itself, I loved the storyline of being put into an adventure travling up a tree like world. The weapons and upgrades were cool.

Funny didn't know this,thanx for the list _NrG_!

Does anyone know if the Main Hero from the Xanadu series is the same hero from the Faxanadu series?