What's that game?

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Forgott the name of a NES game.

You are a team of thiefes I thought. First you sneak at a street avoiding spotlights. Then you controll a sniper looking at a building across the street searching for anybody in the windows. After that you jump from the roof with a rope, jump in a window, walking around in the house in some simple 3D.

Anybody know?

The name of the game you're asking about is "Rescue: The Embassy Mission", made by Kemco-Seika. Actually, you're not a team of thieves. It's a team of S.W.A.T. members taking out terrorists. Pretty fun game!

Is that a nintendo game?

Yeah it is and it's a fun game to play indeed,i just recently bought it complete,they are not hard to get so you can get one easy.

'Rescue: The Embassy Mission' is a good one. The only gripe with it I have is that one little mistake will cause you to lose a S.W.A.T. member.
The beginning part of the mission where you duck around corners and leap behind bushes to avoid the moving spotlights is truly a unique experience.

'Rescue' was originally released as a PC game in 1990 called 'Hostage', and it was known for it's super life-like graphics and game play (or at least for its time).
The NES version is a decent recommendation.

Oh and congratulations pierre_p on describing a game well enough so that we can actually figure out what it is.

I used to love this game as a kid. I wish I still had my copy. Guess I'll have to pick it up again.

hey people. I was wondering if u cud help me. i got dis game years ago and i cant remember the name. it was an rpg were u cud b a knight, a thief and a wizard, and the last boss was this evil king who threw furniture at u. please help this has been buggin me for ages...

knight, a thief, and a wizard... I'm going to give it a guess and say Ultima

likely not, but maybe

I know of a pc game were it kinda sounds like that. xcept at the end no one throws furnityre at you but you do u use chairs to block the doors and a chandeler to take out the last 3 bosses. It is called quest for glory.
There is a remake that is way better same game way better graphics.

wel its not quest for glory, cud be ultima. i hav sum feelin it cud be cald dungeons and dragons but im probly confusin it wit the tv show i watchd at the time. i remember at the end the king asks you to join him and if you say yes he just throws all these chairs at you,and if you say no he still kills you.oh and also you could levitate with the wizard. its probly the game i enjoyed the most,even my dad played it. can any1 help?

Sounds like 'Wizards & Warriors 3'.

There's some shots of the ending, and it appears that the king is throwing something (furniture?) at your character.

Yeah I Think that cud be it Mayb it was the original of the game. tanx