My worst enemy in Ghost'n goblins

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My worst enemy ever in Ghost'n Goblins and all the games of this saga is that red demon that appears for first time after finishing the first part of level 1, also the main character of Gargoyle's Quest. I can't beat it without dying or losing the armor. Any trick??

First, when you get on the screen and his back is to you, lob a fireball over his head and get rid of that pesky raven. After that hit him with a fireball. When he goes to the upper right of the screen, he'll shoot. This is when you run backwards just far enough to avoid his shot and him swooping at you. Run to the right, and he'll be in the upper left corner. When he swoops back down, shoot him and run back to the left. Repeat all that again. Once you shoot him with four fireballs, he's gone.

By the way, good luck! You've chosen a rather difficult game to play!

I finished that game long ago and several times, but the problem is that I'm still in trouble when I have to beat that enemy

You are a more patient man than I. That game gets me so p*ssed off. I think I've been to either level 2 or 3, can't remember which. That game is truly my Everest!