Dragon's Lair help

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I guys i played Dragon's Lair on NES but never succeded in ending it..now i have this possibility but even with the save game i have a problem..i arrived to the last level,the lair of the dragon and i dont know hot to beat it,i have knives it's too fast and damaging things come from everywhere,is there a strategy and a way to kill the enemy?
thank you

heres a walkthrough for u. I hope it helps.

Sorry here it is.

thanks I'll check it

sorry hav u idea of what my level can be?
Cuz i cant find it..it's the monster after the forest with the dragons that get outta the eggs,the arrives the big dragon


Actually, that link goes to a computer game walkthrough. I tried to find an NES walkthrough, but can't find one. Having never played the game, I can't really help you out. Sorry.

what if i upload the save game,would anybody help me pass the level?

I've never played it, but I could give it a shot. I'll grab the NES ROM so I can get a feel for it.