The Boiling Point

In Games

We all know that they're just games, but they sure know how to push our buttons! (no pun intended ) I try to stay as mellow about it as I can, but sometimes I get quite angry with the game! How long does it take you to get p*ssed at a game? What kind of things do you say to the game? What kind of things fly across the room when you're mad at it?

My video game temper has mellowed out a lot over the years, but some games can still bring it back. Ninja Gaiden for XBox and Mario Kart: Double Dash had me inventing new swear words.

Nothing gets me angrier than a game with poor controls (there's a lot of those out there) or really bad "viewing angles".

If I picked individual games, it would have to be the original Prince of Persia, Adventure Island (NES), and ALF (Sega Master System) as the biggest offenders of my tolerance.
And there's many more...