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is there a difference between the 2 Metroids? i got one that is a grey picture and another with a yellow picture

as far as I know the only difference is the label, the game should be exactly the same.

Yes, the should be same. The way I know it is that the 'blocky' original grey cart art is the original, the yellow art version was released later after it established some sort of 'greatest hits' status. I think...

they got great hits back then? Something else i didnt know!

Yes it was called the Classic Series. The grey Zelda carts were also part of the classic series.

Yup, no difference in gameplay,only the label and box and manual.

wow thats cool! I tohught they started that with the newer systems!

I also didn't know there was a classic series for the NES, before reading the forums here.
I think the classic series didn't come out in Germany, so it's only natural that I didn't know it.

The first classic series I know of personally is for the SNES. I have Super Mario Kart Classic and Tetris&Dr. Mario Classic.

I know Zelda and Metroid came out as Classic Hits but did any other games?

I'm not personally sure, but you may want to ask Oceansoul. He's a box nut! I'm not sure if he only concentrates on learning the different console boxes, or if he has researched the game boxes as well. Worth a try though!

thxs, i will ask him, hes on this forum right tho isnt he?

Yes he is, but he's in and out. You may want to PM him. He might have his PM's set to let him know when he gets one through e-mail or browser. If you find out anything, post it here please! I'm wondering myself.