Anyone seen WIZARD?????

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Hey guys, I am trying to find a copy of the VHS tape Wizard...

I havent seen it since i was a kid, but would love to rekindle the nastalgic memories...anyone up for a VHS chain letter?

First person pays postage to the first guy with a sheet of paper with his address...then they send it to the next guy, and to thew next, until it gets back to the first guy....

Let me know


That movie was great just for the fact it showed SMB3 before it was released, not to mention all the crazy dialogue.

Corey: Yeah, well, uh, just keep your POWer Gloves off her, pal, huh?

I'm all for it, just need to find someone with a tape...

That'd be interesting and I'd be in for it. There's just nobody with a VHS I think.

When you find one, would you give your copy of the Wizard for that, wamp17?

I find it, I will start it. But I would be willing to bet there is someone on this board that has it. the other option is 20 people get in on it and agree to send $1 and their address to one person. That person buys the movie and starts the chain...

everybody out there want to send me money?

I thought about buying the DVD (there is only a German DVD, but no American), but unfortunately it's expensive and the original English dub isn't on it. Only the German dub.

id be in too! ive never seen it and would like to

Well, we have 3 of us...only a few more and we will have enough to do this....cheapest I hve found it is 17 bucks on amazon...i will look around elsewhere, but if anyone knows where to find it cheaper, let me know.


You could even try to find it for free.
BT, or... a lot of donkeys could have it out there.

On German amazon market place the have it for 4.25Euro. That's about 5$. Unfortunately for you it's in German.