world 8 help

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could someone please tell me how to get through the castle on world 8- the first one right after level 2. ty[

It would help if you said what game you were playing

Trial and error is also a good friend.
If you need the time, try some minutes. When you don't find the way after an hour, look for a walkthrough like daynum wrote before.

First climb the 3rd from last ladder by the 2nd pedestal on the 4th hill next to the 9th tree. Use your hovering ability to get past the shooting fireballs and enter the secret door on the top-leftmost area to the right. There, defeat the evil green wizard on the wooley mammoth to obtain the silver scroll that you use on the glowing statue and take the elevator to the top floor. Then play the magic harmonica to make yourself invisible, sneak past the giant, and jump on the hanging rock 5 times to make the cyclone appear.
This will warp you directly to World 9.

I think he's asking for a different game.