need help to find the name of this nes game

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ok i don't really remember bout this game but i played it a lot when i was child n i like it so much...

intro of this game is about a big rock with a stone
the heroes use a cowboy hat and it uniform like indiana jones
he can use knife rope bomb etc i don't really remember bout other weapon
the rope can Hook as i remember,the name in my cartridge is indiana jones but i'm searching n playing all indiana joNES ROMs for nes but no 1 can match the game
help me pls to find this game name

What company did produce the cartridge?

i think it's tecmo or taito not very sure bout that,i'm searching in the internet n can't find the clue hope friends of the nes files can help me
i'll be very happy for that

I'm not really sure what the game is. It could be this:

There aren't any screens there, but maybe the site as a whole could help.

...but if not, this place has a lot of screenshots, and you can check by genre:

it might be the game Bayou Billy... thats what it sounds like to me, and im pretty sure it was produced by taito

The reason I don't think it's Bayou Billy is because you don't use bombs at all on that game (besides grenades on the driving scenes). Also, there isn't any sort of big rock in the storyline. I'm not really sure what it could be if not the game I posted above. I guess we'll have to wait and see if he ever figured it out.

umm... bayou billy is not the game i looking for
but.. the hero is has exactly same look like him but smaller..
owh it's crazy i've been searching about 1.5 month n still can't get him

the game looks like Castlevania series 2D scrolling game with a lot of ladder like Castlevania...
the game is released somewhere between 1989-1990 i think
thank you for helping.. i think i'll past this games in my memory only

A game that has the same character sprites as Bayou Billy is the Lone Ranger by Konami. You might want to check that out. Best guess I have for you.

when i played Bayou Billy i despised it so very much
but u might buy both Bayou and Lone