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Ive been trying to figure out the name of a certian game, Im pretty sure it was for NES. It was a gold cartridge (NOT Zelda) and has 4 on the cartridge.
One of the games had fruiit you had to collect. Another had a Car game. And im not sure what the other 2 games were. If anyone could help that would be nice, thnx

the standard question:
Was it an American cartridge? Or something foreign?
When I hear 4 in 1 I always think of bootlegs from HongKong first.

4 in one automagically sounds like a pirate, but pirates wouldn't often go the extra and use a gold cart...

It was an american cart.


I don't think you need to bump a 5 minute old thread...

Thats what the game looks like but its not those 4 games.......Im just in a little hurry sorry about that "Bump".

I think one of the games was like Dizzy or somthing, not sure though.

if you're sure it was that kind of cart it was probably Quattro Arcade, or Quattro Adventure, it was an unlicensed game.

A gold cart probably doesn't cost more than e.g. a blue one.

I don't know how many bootlegs there are around in America, but there are a lot in Asia.

Thats it, 4 quattro Arcade.... the game i was thinking of was GO! DIZZY! GO!
Thnx for the help!

Could any of you helpo me figure out one last game, Its a tank Game.....All i remember is in One level you crossa a bridge and theres Ruins and if you shoot a house/hut little green people run out. You have to shoot other tanks, and if its on 2 player mode 1st players tank is red and 2nd players tank is blue.

I think you mean Jackal by Konami.

That's also weird you mentioned Quattro Arcade. One of my favorite NES Games when I was younger. There was Go Dizzy Go, CJ's Elephant Antics, Stunt Buggies, and F-16 Renegade.

Yup Jackal is it, thnx alot again!