Help finding another game!!!

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Another game im trying to get for my regular nes is a boating game. It was a red boat that you drove up a river avoiding logs and things like that. You had weopons that I think could be upgraded to like missiles or spread bullets and at the end of each level was a monster to fight such as a giant sea dragon and a giant crab.

Cobra Triangle?

Wait a minute, this is the same question as in another thread! Yeah I was thinking Cobra Triangle too. There are sea dragon and crab bosses. I lot of people love this game but I wasn't the biggest fan.

Me neither at first but when you give it a little time it's pretty adictive,at least for me it was,mega nice game.

hmmm, i havent heard of it, but i gotta try it. sounds like another NES ROM for me to download...

Try it, it's really worth it.

Cobra Triange is a great game, but much better with the gamegenie. It is almost impossible to beat with out it.

Unfortunately I don't have a Game Genie... they've gotten quite rare around here.

Whoa! Where in the heck have YOU been, matt111beer? Anyway, welcome back!

I have 4 sealed Game Genies,if you could get me a complete game i can trade one with you.
Pm me if your interested.

pm sent.