I finaly get a toaster to call my own!

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I got a Nes off ebay for $15 including shipping with 2 games and 3 controllers.
The games are Golf (Yeerch!) and Super mario 3.
YAY me.

Nice! I still don't have a PayPal account, and everytime I bid with a friend of mines account I lose! I have gotten him to grab me a couple of carts from half.com though. That's about the extent of my luck.

Good stuff, dude!

I dont have paypal either..
I use direct deposit or money orders.
Should get one but.. hey im too lazy.

Congrats to your toaster!

15$ is a great deal.

$15 thats great i was bidding on one here but it went up to $25 so i stopped bidding...im a tight a$$

Hehe. I only bid once. And left it alone for 6 hours

I got my NES from eb games for $10

That's a good deal, too.
You can't find a NES for that price here in Germany.

kool! Luckly I save my money if some other good deal comes soon! The NES still works but I have to bang it a little to keep it from going to the green screen. Hey that rymes!

Do not bang it... you can't expect it to work long like that. Chances are you'll just crack the case all up, but who wants that?

The proper solution to the blinking and green screens is to replace the 72-pin connector inside the console.

How do I get a new one? Where do I get a new one?

you'll likely have to order it online, but here is a list of places that have it:


I can't get things from the internet.

I remember reading somewhere (was it on this forum?) that someone rang Nintendo saying that their NES had broken and asked where they could get a new 72-pin connector. It ended up with Nintendo sending them one for free! I don't know the validity of that story but it could be worth a try.

ok,. it arrived today and... i get a blinking grey screen with a game in. Any adVice?

Wow, now I don't want to get it, but for marrow, try combining the game with a game genie (The Old-School game shark). IT helps the games connect with the NES better.

Any other ideas? I doubt i would be able to find one...

The first thing is always thoroughly cleaning the NES. So we tell everybody with the same problems. If that doesn't bring results, exchange the pin connector.
If it doesn't work then... the problem might be somewhere else.

I am pretty sure if you look around like ebay or other pawn shops and stuff, you should definatly find a GG

I know you're probably itching to play it now, but the last time I knew Nes-a-holic had a few Game Genies. I'm not positive if he still has them or not. If he does, it may be worth the wait. He's big on trading, as you may already know.

Ok, i went on ebay and cant find any game genie's. Went to second hand stores and theres none, wasnt expecting there to be anyways. So any other ideas?

Have you tried what Manuel suggested and given it a good clean. It really can make a big difference. It involves taking the NES apart. There's some good guides around on how to do it.