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Roth gave me the idea for this, but what is the most lame final boss you've encountered in a game? I'm going to leave it wide open even for modern consoles.

The most lame boss I encountered was the final boss of FFX, I mean after fighting Ject, you'd think the FINAL boss is going to be something REALLY great... I was disappointed... you should NOT be able to kill the final boss of a game with a single attack.

Well, right off hand I can't think of the MOST lame boss, but I can think of a really disappointing one.

Sutekh, from NightShade.

I expected him to be so much more than what he was. Not much to him at all.

I was also disappointed that you didn't even get to fight the evil wizard at the end of Solstice. That would've put the cherry on top for that game.

I'll do some hard thinkin'...

I haven't played Solstice, but I know a guy that was addicted to it for a good long while, I should see if he still has his carts

Aaaahhh, the addiction...

Another really lame final boss would have to be Super Computer in Metal Gear. I know, I know, it's second to last, but it's right before Big Boss. Four guards run at you, then it's an empty room. Oh no, I hope I set the explosives in the right spot! I wouldn't want to miss! How lame...

The final boss of Faxanadu. Sure its a great game, but you have to fight a boss that your bigger than. He looks almost like any other enemy, and he is simple. Big disapointment.

Count Dracula from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

He's such a pushover.

Aaaahh... yes. Very dull final battle. Another Castlevania head, perhaps? Sweet!

I have another entry, not sure I would call it the MOST lame, but it was disappointing.

FFVII, that one winged Sephiroth... what was that? I wanted a battle with the REAL Sephiroth.

I think the most lamest and disappointing final boss is the frog Warp in SMB2, I think it would be better with Bowser!

IMO the lames boss ever is the last one in Terranigma for SNES.
The whole fight is over in some seconds, it's ridiculous. Good game, though.

I love the game too, but im probably ganna go with Super Smash Bros. Melee. The fact is your fighting a giant hand with a glove on it. Lame

The final boss from Faxanadu is in fact much bigger than you. But I agree that boss is lame, because he's very easy to beat.

Another lame boss would be Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Such a hard game, but Shredder was a piece of cake to beat.

my first post -
i would say the lamest boss is the final boss in the snes game drakkhen. he (like all other bosses) pretty much just stood still while you beat on him. that game reeked

I know I'm probably gonna get flamed for this, but...
Bowser on Super Mario Bros. 3. For a game to be as long as it was only to award you with a buttpounding dinosaur... Honestly, Mario 64 had the only impressive Bowser as far as difficulty for me. Nintendo is capable of shoving hard bosses in our faces, I know this, I'm a Punchout junkie, but to have a game be that long and (semi)difficult...needless to say I was disappointed.

OMG I finally get to the end of Gradius galaxies for the GBA

And all u do is shoot the eye and it never shoots u back
I mean WTF the giant wheel of Death was harder



Are there many games without bosses?
I can't think of too many...
Do you have examples? (Puzzle games and such don't count )

Lamest Boss/Easiest I ever faced, hmm I have faced some weak ones

Secret of Mana, the Boss before you get magic for the first time in that cave, mad easy to beat. Unless the mantas which was the first boss counts because you could not die on that boss

I would have to say the 2nd boss from The Ledgend of Zelda. I couldn't find the 2nd dungeon so I skiped it and after I beat all of the others, I finally found the 2nd dugeon. I heard the boss yelling so when I finally got there, it was vnothing more then one of those dinos that you put the bombs in! I cracked up!

the final part on Jurassic Park for genesis the aprt where the bones fall apart and land on the raptors

The lamest final boss for me would have to be probably..shattered hand or final fight 3. But all in all ive played some games that arent puzzles with no bosses. Kings Quest for nes and flash back for snes/genisis.