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Can you guies rate my Faxanadu Site, I know the Guide is not complete but aside from that, what do you think?

Overall, I think it looks pretty good! Everything is pretty consistent.

I noticed a couple of things, though. There were a few pages that still have the words "Enter Supporting Content Here" at the bottom. For the copyright I would probably put something like "Faxanadu.net copyright Nrg" and then something about the title of the game and everything else under the others copyright. I'm no copyright buff, though. You may also want to consider making your rollovers still legible when you mouse over them.

I think you've done a good job so far! Let us know when the rest is done!

Thankz, I can't beleif I missed those "Enter context here" stuff

That's a quite informative page.
Good work, man.

Cool site. All the Faxanadu info you could ever need.

This your first attempt at web design? I know you used a template, but it looks better than MY first web site. Oi.

A couple things:
-I would adjust the CSS on your links on the left-hand side so you can still see the text when you mouseover. The links almost become invisible.

-Nintendo graphics are pixellated and have limited color palettes, so they lend themselves PERFECTLY to the GIF format (or PNG if you want. PNG is still catching on, though. GIFs are more universal.). You have a JPG for your logo, and it doesn't need to be a JPG (JPGs are more suited for use in photographs, stuff with lots of gradual differences between colors, etc). The logo file size is over 27k, when with the GIF format, the graphic would look crisper and cleaner, AND be smaller. Plus you can use transparency with GIF. Look!:

(Image size, ~4k)

If you have to resize a pixellated image, don't use bilinear or bicubic resizing, use the "nearest neighbor" option. That way it doesn't alias itself and lose its clarity (this introduces new colors, increasing filesize), and you can retain the small file size.

200% width using nearest neighbor resizing ~7k

200% width using bicubic resizing ~14k Note the blurry text and white garbage around the edges of the graphic.

-Shield is spelled wrong on your weapons and armor page. Ha.


Hey man thats a good webage. Covers all the basics. Keep it up. Maybe ad a couple more bgms? Good page

Tahnkx for the feedback guies, also thankz zombie, I never really knew there was a diffrence from BMP,JPG and GIF, I usualy thought JPG was stronger he bmp which is why places lie Immage shack accpeted it and I always thought GIF was only for moving pics. I will change that.

The thing is, when I was making the banner, I was doing it through Paint (DOn't have photo shop or anything special) so all I could accept at the time was BMP or Jpeg.

Do you know any sites that will allow me to change a bmp or jpeg to a .GIF?

I also use MS Paint for everything I need to draw graphic wise. When it comes time to convert the file, I use this freeware program.

Irfanview is simply a great program for being free! I've used it for quite some time now. For resizing, file conversion, etc. I recommend you use it in conjunction with MS Paint. It works quite well for me. Hope this helps.

Haha, I don't even use MSPaint for my pixel art. nRg, I sent you a PM.

thanx zombie!