what game is this? need name

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i remember a game from when i was young, i cant remember the name of it. but i can describe it.
on nes, it was a platform game. there was your playable character that drove a red tank-like car for most of the game. it could shoot. when you pressed select your character got out of the car and could travel on foot. he could also shoot a gun on foot.
sorry for the bad description, its all i can remember. if anyone has any ideas please post them.


It sounds like "Blaster Master," one of the greatest and most difficult games on the NES.

It does take place in and out of the tank. The bosses are all fought on foot in their respective lairs, where you gain abilities for the tank when you beat them.

i checked out a NES ROM for Blaster Master, and it is the game that i remember, thanks for your help.