The last three games you finished

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What were the last three games you have beaten? If they were games that you had already conquered before, they still count.

Last three: All systems

Snes: Breath of Fire
GCN: Sonic DX
GCN: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

But for NES Games: Faxanadu, Arkista's ring, and Renegade.

Mine was:

NES : Ninja Gaiden
MSX : Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake
NES : The Adventures of Lolo

All three were really fun games, especially the Metal Gear!

Blasphemer! give extra fun credit to Metal Gear of Ninja Gaiden! may the Ninja gods smite you!

AAAaaaaahhhh....... I have been smit!!!

No, but seriously, the Metal Gear is something I've wanted to play for years now, after playing Metal Gear Solid. I remember reading the bonus stuff about previous stories and thinking, "Zanzibar Land... hand-to-hand with Grey Fox in a minefield?.... that doesn't sound like Snake's Revenge! After finally playing it, it lived up to everything I thought it would be.

Don't get me wrong, NG is probably my favorite trilogy out there!

Metal Gear 2 was the MSX one, correct? I guess I'll either have to find an MSX, or grab an emulator.

Here's an emulator I've never tried, but it says it's Mac compatible. It's the first one listed...

...and here's a place that has the NES ROM. I haven't tried either of these links, so I'm not sure how good the download is.

seems that emulator doesn't allow any kind of input until you register, which costs $20 or so. I found another one, but it didn't want to run... I need to get my PC back emulation on the mac is lacking.

SNES Final Fantasy 3 My favorite super game ever

NES Castlevaniz 2 Simons Quest

NES Castlevania III Draculas Curse

Sweet! Another Castlevania head! Those are some kick tail games you've been playing. Never played much FFIII, though. What do think about that final form of Dracula? (The huge one)

Not what I expected, but I remember watching my Uncle beat it when I was younger back when I couldnt beat it my self. For people who just get the game that never played it is very hard unless u have a walkthrough.
My opinion anyway.

I agree with using walkthroughs, but only if you're stuck, don't just get a new game and go grab a walkthrough. I consider it to be just like asking a friend who has played the game before. as for Cheats, if you unlock the cheats during play then they are fair game too. if you go online and grab all the cheats, then... well... you're cheating.

Yeah, the bosses on that game are alot tougher than the ones from CVII. I remember when I first got to the Grim Reaper. It was like, "Is this it?" Lame bosses on CVII. It still remains my favorite of the series, however.

I myself did not read the whole walkthrough. Im not sure if you have ever played or beat simons quest but the makers of the game tried to give you clues but they really sucked. That game is like a huge maze where certain things need to be done at certain times. Im sure alot of people were having alot of trouble with that game back in the day.

Yes, the thirteen clues. I just recently in the last six months found all of those stupid things. They're not to helpful. Most of the stuff I had to figure out through trial and error. Like which graveyard to get the bag and which one to get the silver knife.

Shining Force - GameBoy Advance
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - GameBoy Advance
Legend of Dragoon - PS1

Mike Tyson's Puch-Out (Mike is still quite a challenge)
Galaxy 5000

Decent batch of games.

Mike's game was quite something where I'm from. From what I understand, everybody else digs it, too. Harmony of Dissonance is one game that I really want to play more of...

I haven't heard of that one, what's it about?

It's very Symphony of the Night-ish. You should check it out. Awesome!

1) Zelda - A Link to the Past
2) Sailor Moon RPG (SNES)
3) Luigi Mansion (Gamecube)

I haven't beaten any Nintendo games as of late . But, I have beaten some others. American MaGee's Alice for PC, Max Payne for PC, and Super Mario World. I just got my N64 recently, so I haven't really had time to play it.

I think it was Shadowgate, 3D WorldRunner, and Ducktails.

1. Breath of Fire 4 (Play Station, but I play it under VGS Emulator)
2. Need For Speed Underground 1 (PC Game)
3. Destiny of an Emperor 2 (Nintendo, but I play it under NesterJ Emulator)

I can't really remember... I've beaten Need For Speed Underground for PS2, but that was a long time ago... uhm... Soul Calibur on the DreamCast... and I should finish up FF1 on Dawn of Souls for the GBA in the next few days, so I just say that too

-New GhostBusters II
-Hammerin' Harry

1) Fable, xbox - it was fun at first, but to short and easy.
2) Megaman 2
3) legend of the river king

The last 3 games i've beaten

1. Halo 2 - Xbox
2. Killzone - Ps2
3. Splinter Cell

i've been on a fps thing lately.

working on Illusion of Gaia (Snes) once again.

last three games i beat:

Megaman 4
Megaman 5
Megaman 8

(you can probly tell i've been playing my Megaman aniversary collection disc )

(Megaman 7 is the ONLY Megaman on there i have not and can not beat)

wily is WAY hard. i tried freeze cracker and the spring attack (his two weaknesses) and he WILL NOT DIE!!!!!

1) Zelda - A Link to the Past
2) Sailor Moon RPG (SNES)
3) Luigi Mansion (Gamecube)

An update from me.

1) Super Mario Sunshine
2) Soul Calibur 2
3) Super Mario Bros.

and an update from me as well:

Megaman 2
Metal Slug 2

Well, I have three that I'd like to speak of:

The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yay for me!)