Battle of olympus question

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Hey all i love this site. Nice to see people still love the old school. Well anyways i have a question on this game, is it like Zelda II: The Adventure of Link where you level up and stuff because currently im dying ALOT in this game. Great game though. just need to know if you build your char up or not thanks.

In 'The Battle of Olympus', your character gets stronger by finding more POWerful items and weapons. There is no "leveling up" via experience points or anything like that, so it is not the same as 'Zelda II: The Adventure of Link'.

You can find the "ambrosia" to increase the life bar. It's well hidden throughout the game though (try hitting the trees and stuff).
Deep into the game, you can obtain the "golden apple" to reduce damage by half, and a long range attack similiar to Link's full life POWer shot.

''The Battle of Olympus' is one of those games where it's actually harder in the early going then on most of the later parts, so dying frequently is not unusual.

Hey i remember that game also the bosses would give you weapons and equiptment onec you beat them.