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Alright, I've tried this at another forum, but it didn't seem to go over too well. Here seems like a more likely spot for NES, though!

I'll post an edited picture (removing life bars, characters, etc.) of a game, and see if you can guess it. Sound cool? Alright here we go!

Bad Dudes?

That's a fun game. I also know it from another forum (although there they didn't remove anything).

And the one who guesses right can post the next one, right?

I don't really have the skills to be editing pictures to only leave the background so better leave it to Roth. Unless you want to do one Manuel?

Think I'll stick to the guessing unless I make a few.

You are correct, sir!

Anyone can post one, if they would like! Whomever posts, though, try and keep it strictly background. It's not that hard to do. Open up your pic in Paint, and cut and paste! (Nintendo games are famous for pieces of the background repeating itself).

Alright, I'll go ahead and throw up another one...

Ok, this is a total guess, but could that be Battle of Olympus?

No, but good guess, considering the columns.

Ninja Gaiden

<Ed McMahon>You are correct, sir!</Ed McMahon>


Correct again!


The only first-person shooter on NES (seen entirely from a third-person point of view).


hahaha! Just kidding, VERY correct Z.E.N! I was wondering if anyone would get that one... pretty tough!

Alright. Next:

Donkey Kong Jr..!

Ha! Correct, c8b!


People are good around this forum. Almost every time at first guess.
I don't know the actual one, though...


Alas... you have figured it out!

Good job!

I haven't had time to make anymore besides this easy one, so I'll be back tomorrow with more when this one has been guessed! Here you are!


I also would have guessed Battletoads. But I was late.

Here we go:

An easy one I think, but maybe that's because it's one of my favourite games

I'm pretty sure that's A Boy and His Blob....

Here we go...


Excellent job, Yuuichi!


I'm pretty sure that's A Boy and His Blob....

Yep, sure was.

And yeah, sure that is Gremlins 2 too.


Well if nobody's posting a new one, I will.

EDIT: Oops! Guess daynum's first. Ha.


Ooo you're good at this.

Well it's been 24 hours so I guess most people have seen this and I've done the first one no one could get! The answer is....

The clay pigeon shooting part of Track & Field II. Here's the full screenshot:

Lets get started again with an easier one. Which game has this games room?:

Maniac Mansion!!!
One of my favourites!

Excellent! We're back on track. A slightly harder one now:

Oh, I was too late, I wanted to do the next one, too...

Lets have two in this round?

wow, some of these are getting tough... I need to get more of the obscure games I guess...

Mine is quite obscure...
I don't like it but I like the background.


Wrong on my one but I know you'd get it second guess. It was actually Mario's Time Machine.

Man, you're good.


ah, I knew that cloud was familiar! I had forgotten about Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine...

Yeah that cloud definitely has a mario sort of feel to it.

OK, one more from me. Where would you find this beach?:

I've seen that before... but the name doesn't come out... *aargh*

Looks like no one is going to get this one. It was from one of my favourite NES Games, the Fantastic Advetures of Dizzy:

This next one isn't exactly a background but where would you find this guy?

Oh of course it was Dizzy!!

I don't know the new one...
I wonder if Donkey Kong is somehow involved...

haha, I didn't want to say Donkey Kong because I thought that would make it a bit too obvious but your right! But what game is he appearing in?

Here is one from me...

total recall, heres mine


Is that from 'Dr. Mario'?


Nope, mario does appear though.

What could this be?... It's somehow familiar, but it doesn't come to my mind...

Well seeming as it's been a couple of days I'll give the answer to mine. It's from by far the best Golf game on the NES; NES Open Golf. Whenever mario won any prize money he would go and give it to Donkey Kong. Not sure why. Maybe Donkey Kong was Marios pimp or maybe Mario owed big gambling debts or something.

As for Nesmasters, I don't have a clue but it sure looks interesting.

Hint 1: some people declare this the hardest game made for the NES (not including the sh*tty, unplayable games )

Nesmaster, I am seriously at a loss for what that game is....

I've been pondering it over and over, and have no clue... not even a guess!

You may have stumped everyone for good with that one!

heh, i hope so! i'd give another hint, but the hint i have in mind would give it away...

Total guess- 'Cosmo Genesis'?

One more from me..

We don't even know the previous one... could you solve it, Nesmaster?

This game is totally fun... but hard
i dont know the answer to this one!

I've just been playing some NES ROMs and came across Nesmasters one. It's Overlord. I couldn't figure out quite what to do in it, it seems like a sort of space strategy game similar to Elite (which I love). I need to get an online manual because it looks like a promising game.

As for hunters one, I know I've played that but can't figure out where it's from. I know I'll kick myself when I find out.

One more from me..

Hunter, could you solve this one?
Apparantly nobody knows the answer.
I think I've seen that one time, but I can't remember too well.

The answere is:
Flintstones, The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy.

This is the stage where he goes under water, the only level like that in the game. So, I figured this will be the hard part , due to the rare occurence of it.
In Addtion to removing the sprites, I have also removed the word Fred whcih appears in the top left corner of the status box.

That was a good move.
If you hadn't removed the word Fred, maybe even I would have known it's the Flintstones.

Ah yes I have that game! I knew I'd seen that status bar before more than the background! That was a good one.

Here's another:

I am not too sure, but is it

Nope, guess again.

Here's another:

That looks like 'Darkman'.
One of the most UNplayable games on the NES.

No it's not Darkman.

Clue: This game has maybe one of the strangest themes of any NES game.

Say, Terminator2, Judgement Day..
Can't Kill any bad guys.

No it's not Terminator 2.

The black and yellow floor might be a significant clue.

Crash Test Dummies? I didn't play that game, though... what could that floor tell us?

He shoots! He scores! Yes it was The Incredible Crash Dummies. A fun game I think once you get used to controlling the main character (who really does move like a dummy). I wonder how they came up with the idea for it though?

Guy 1: We need an idea for a new game.
Guy 2: How about a Rambo type character who takes on a bunch of bad guys who've kidnapped his daughter?
Guy 1: Sounds a bit unbelievable.
Guy 2 (being sarcastic): OK, how about a game based on those lifeless dummies they use to crash test cars?
Guy 1 (not being sarcastic): Genius!

Ok I'll do the next one!

Ultima: Exodus, I believe.

Here's a rather simple one, I think...

Ultima: Exodus was very correct.

Super Mario Bros. 3? Just reminds me of that...

No, it's not SMB3...

Think really old school.

That's Joust


Micro Machines?
Just a guess...

Hey that's my last two you've guessed right! Tres bien!!

Cool. 2 in 1 day.

I wonder what will be up next.
I could make one, but I'm off to diner now.

This is the last one I've got. I'll have to make more.

Joust was right!

That one is Goonies 2! Absolutely awesome game!

Goonies 2 is right and I do believe that is Kung Fu.

You are correct sir!

EDIT: Unfortunately, I'm at the school playing lab monitor right now... I can't make any right now, so anyone feel free!

crud, I go to work and all the easy ones come up...

A nice pink one:

Panic Resturant?

No it's not Panic Restaurant.

Hint: Even if you haven't played the game you might have seen Stan's donuts in a film.

Wayne's World?

That's right! What an excellent game Wayne's World is. Not!

I didn't even know there was a Wayne's World game before.

omg i was GONNA say waynes world but changed my mind, I played that .that game was AWWWWFUL

Party time! Excellent!

Here's the next one...

Hint: "I'll be back... but not in the second film!"

That's from , a game I never finished.

Ah Predator. Now I get that Arnie hint!


Star Trek: 25th Anniversary!

I haven't played that in awhile...

Here we go!

Star Trek it was. That's Adventures of DinoRiki. What a fluke, I was playing that only Yesterday! I wouldn't have known it otherwise.

What's this?


Next item up for bid... er... nevermind... Next

M.C. Kids

Trojan it was!

is it Chip 'n Dales, rescue rangers?

Right! Rescue Rangers holds the record for the fastest I ever completed a game. I borrowed it from a friend when I was 11 and had finished it in about 3 hours. I seem to find it a bit tougher these days though.

I experience the same thing.
Games I cleared very easily back then now make big problems sometimes. Why could this be? Age?... I think it's because now I try to do everything perfectly. 10 years earlier I just played and didn't mind dying.

Ah... yes, you were correct.

That last one I wasn't sure if it was part one or two of RR...
Now I know!

Here we are...

I'm just going to throw a guess out there... Journey to Silius?

No, not quite. You quack me up, NES-Luke!

Duck Tales?

You are correct, sir! Suttle hint, huh?

This is the last one I have made up right now, and it might be kind of tough. We'll see...

that looks a lot like Contra

No, it's not Contra.

Hint: A kind of snake is in the title.

Code Name Viper

Heres one

Dragonball: Dragon Tricks, amazing how many years that scene stayed in my memory...

Code Name: Viper was right, c8b (Todd)!

Made another.

Ghost Lion

Dragonball (or Dragon POWer in the US) is correct.

Try this one:


Another from me:

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

heres one:

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was right.

That's Robodemons. A "scary" game.

What's this?

Totally Rad!

Check it out...

Pro Wrestling

Here's one!


Unfortunately, .bmp files aren't supported here... I converted the file and uploaded it for you.

How did you convert the file? Just for future reference.

With this freeware program.

It's pretty good for being free!

Ohh! nice, thank you. maybe i wont spend half an hour getting confused on the next one >.>


Yeah, just use that program. It's easy to use and navigate through.

Here's one...


wild guess.. Adventures of Dino Riki?

You got it right, c8b! Jaws it is.

Next (making these on the fly...)

Ninja Gaiden II

Yeah that is indeed (Stage 1-1)

Hey look! I make one too!

Mr Do?

Fire N Ice

Alien 3?

Very good. Now guess this one.

Good job!

Enjoy this butcher job of a pic.


Can we put Snes pics in too?
EDIT: *Gasps* Cracked8ball was wrong!


Actually, I'd like to keep it as NES for now...

There are still a wealth of games to post, so there shouldn't be a problem.

Here's another...

That last one looks like .



Is that Castlevania?

You were correct, Z.E.N!

Was it Legend of Kage?

Alright i win at that one *holds hands aboce his head in triumph* It was asterix!

Hey no fair! You have to give people at least 24 hours to guess it.

Anyway. Next one...


Errrr.. Revenge of the killer Buhdist statue from Uranus?

Hey no fair! You have to give people at least 24 hours to guess it.

Anyway. Next one...


That's one of my favourites Toki!




Nes-a-holic is correct.
It is .


That's Low G Man!


Solar Jetman!

let me get one, brb

EDIT: here

That's Dungeon Magic.

What's this?

Rocky and Bullwinkle. What a horrid game

Some one asked whether SNES pics could be included.
I think it would be better to have a seperate thread for that.
What do you guys think?

Sorry if the pic is bad, can you tell me how u post your pictures on this forum please

Some one asked whether SNES pics could be included.
I think it would be better to have a seperate thread for that.
What do you guys think?

Marrow took care of it. I moved it to the SNES section, and made it a sticky.

I cleaned it up for you. Instead of using the location from the url, I checked the actual properties of the pic, and posted that. The basic form for this is...


I used the braces { } for the example so it would show up, but make sure you use the brackets like you normally would for BBCode.

By the way, I don't know the game you posted.

Is it Hook?

Yep, ur right
It's Hook

Yes Rocky and Bullwinkle is painful to play. And the background looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old in MS paint!


Defenders of Dynatron City!

I wish that game weren't so difficult!

Yes it was DoDC

That's Punchout! Or Mike Tyson's Punchout if you have the sponsered version.

Yes it was DoDC

That's Punchout! Or Mike Tyson's Punchout if you have the sponsered version.

Rad Gravity!

Rad Gravity is right!

This next one is a little trickier I think, but we'll see:

is it

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tourtles

No it wasn't the "Tourtles".

That sounds like something Bebop or Rocksteady (can't remember which) would say. "Say your prayers tourtles!".

Am I making any sense? Probably not.

No. You never do.


(Actually you did make sense to me but I just felt like posting that 'cause I'm a "big meany head")

Metal Storm?

No it's not Metal Storm. I thought this might be a bit hard, there's not too much to go on.

Not very useful clue: It's a shooter.

Is it SectionZ?

Just when I thought no one was going to get it...

Yes it's SectionZ!

Just when I thought no one was going to get it...

Yes it's SectionZ!

Lol, strange game,have you ever beat this one?I think i played for 2 hours once and got to all different sections,but it's confusing cause of all the different section numbers.

No I never beat it. I also got confused by all the diferent sections. If you take the wrong turning I think you even get sent back a few sections.

I like the games nonlinear approach. It sets it aside from most shooters and gives it more of an adventure feel.


Is it little samson,dunno for sure though....?


To me it looks a little like Shatterhand, but I think the fire level looks different than that. I'll just guess Shatterhand?


Adventure Island (at night)?




I'd say please tell us. It seems that nobody recognizes it.


It didn't come out in the US? ... Then chances had to be low that nobody around here knew it.

Haha yeah probably best we stick to NES titles.

Like this one:


No and no.

Is it from some part of Megaman? I didn't play them all, thus I don't know, but the level design looks pretty much like MM... to me.

Yes it's a Megaman, but which one? Will it take 6 guesses?

it won't take 6 guesses, because I know it's not Megaman 2

So... 1st guess.

Megaman 4

Haha no I can see this is going to be a bit pointless so I'll say that it was Megaman 5. The Star Man stage.

Hey, but I was d*mn near.

Very Easy

that last one doesn't look like the NES to me...

Smash T.V but thats not the nes pic..

That's the image properties. Apart from the fact that it's not a NES screenshot you make it too easy by just linking to images on people's homepages where you can read the game name in the properties...

Has anyone played Smash TV on the NES (not on an emulator)? It has an interesting feature of being able to play a 1 player game using 2 controllers at the same time. I think you use 1 d-pad to control the direction you move and the other to control the direction you fire. I can't remember exactly because I lent the game to a friend many years ago and unfortunately it got burnt in a fire.

I know it was very easy but I just wanted to start with an easy one. The next pic will be a little bit hard.

Dragon Warrior... 2?

Yes, it is Dragon Warrior II.


R.C. Pro-Am

The pic isn't displayed. I think the site from which you linked the image doesn't allow direct linking to their images.

From looking on that site I know your game is R.C. Pro-Am

Hints for posting such screens:
Save them on your harddisk. Rename it to a random title. E.g. game.png or guess.jpg
Something from which you can't guess the names.
And then upload it to some hosting serVice.
There are a lot free and good ones.
I use (recommended by NES-Luke) You can upload an unlimited number of images for free.
You can also use , same here.

I can see the pic. Yes, it is Pro Am

Thanks for letting me know about these free sites.

No problem.
... but I still can't see the pic. I only get a red cross.

I can see the Pro-AM pic. I must be special.

What's this:

I think that may be POWer Blade...

I think you may be right. Well done!

Thanks! I think I may post the next one!

This is probably a bit easy...

that looks pretty Metal Gear-like...

I'm sure it is POW




Snake's Revenge.

Bingo! Daynum wins a brand new.... oh yeah, no prizes... well... you got it right anyway!

Star Wars?

Yeah that's Star Wars

Yes, it is Star Wars.




Metal Gear?

Blaster Master?

I think I may be wrong, but I'm gonna shoot for Jackyl.


Ikari Warriors?


Guerrilla War.

Well, I checked it out... and it seems that Daynum is correct!

Here's the next pic...

That looks like it could be one of the Castlevanias. Castlevania III?


Oh yes of course! It's totally 8 Eyes. Very similar look to Castlevania.

Right on, dweller!


From the level design itr looks a bit like Megaman, but probably isn't??

I was thinking the same thing, but the colours don't seem right...

You guys are VERY warm... kind of...

Well, Krion Conquest is almost Megaman... so I'll guess that.

Very good, Luke! You are correct sir!

Target: Renegade

EDIT: Here's the next pic...

Also, if you like playing the background game, check this out...


Little Samson?


Rygar is correct!

is that Spelunker?

No. Try again.

Super Pitfall

It looks very much like Pitfall.


Yes, Super Pitfall.


Super C



Iron Tank

Here you are...

I know for a fact that I've played that last one, but I can't for the life of me think of the name...


No, but it is a fighting style game...

Bad Street Brawler!

Cybernoid I think.

Yes it's Cybernoid.

What about this?

Cool World

Yup that's Coll World. Very good.

Top Gun?

No, try again.


No, try again.

Days of Thunder?

Life Force ....


Days of Thunder: No

Life Force: No

I beat Mighty Morphin POWer Rangers for the genesis in 10 minutes no cheats didn't die once.

O and Rescue Rangers that game rox i beat the first couple levels with out getting hit!

I beat Mighty Morphin POWer Rangers for the genesis in 10 minutes no cheats didn't die once.

the beat-em-up one? I HIGHLY doubt that, as easy as the game is, I spent a good two hours on it. of course I may have missed a short-cut or something, but even so, it's unlikely...

hey but it was a NES ROM it was problt just part of it anyhow

Stealth ATF?


Legendary Wings right?


here ones

Ring King

come on lets get this thread goin again it has been dead for a couple days i want new baack ground


not ring kind

A new one...


Oh and...


its Megaman

next one

Fudge i dont know this one eithar




Next pic:

That's Rambo.

What's this:



New GhostBusters II!

Yes! I thought it might be someone from PAL territory that got this one.

hmmm..would that happen to be Baseball allstars ?

That's either Aussie Rules Footy or International Cricket.

I'll go with the Aussie Rules Footy.

Aussie rules footy so it is

Next pic:

I do believe that's Tiger-Heli, but I may be mistaking it for one of the 50 million other generic shooters on the NES

Yes, that's Tiger-Heli.

I was bored so made a few more. First up:

Is that Rad Gravity?

No, guess again.

Then it's gotta be Dash Galaxy!

Ha yeah, you sure pulled that one out the bag! Next:

Would that be Breakthru?

No. Time for a clue:

This game is set in Australia...

mad max?

Yes that's right. Well done!


Super Sprint

Yes, that's Super Sprint.

Seeing as no one's posting a new one, can anyone guess what game my avatar picture is from?

I'm guessing... Abadox.

Spot on.

Looks like Adventure Island to me

That's right! Where can you find this modest girl?

Punchout? The guy kinda reminds me of Mac...

<--- to ^^^ My FOXHOUND can beat up your FOXHOUND.

Those trees look like they're "mooning" me.

Anyway, that last pic looked like 'Casino Kid'... or maybe that other "kid" game.

No he cant! I made mine! And.. he has writting!

Oh yeah! Well mine can talk! So now there!

this deserves a....

Anyway, that last pic looked like 'Casino Kid'... or maybe that other "kid" game.

Yes it was Casino Kid! At the risk of getting in the middle of your foxhound fight here's another:

So it doesn't look like anyone was going to get that one...

It's Gun-Nac.




Yes, it was Sky Shark.



well............. I'll post another one soon. I'll be more careful next time.

Next pic:




Thats gotta be Star Tropics. I think the first, though I could be wrong.

Yes, it was Star Tropics 1


Absolutely no clue.
I distantly remembers me of a C64 game I saw when I was little. Don't remember the title, though.

One guess though... is it Chiller?

No it's not 'Chiller'.

(HINT: Detective/superhero game by .)





Really dunno,maybe Shadowgate?

No errrnt WRONG!

No one got it. It was 'NightShade' again.
There was no rule about posting pics from the same game twice in a row, so there you go.

Someone else can post the next entry...

try this one

Cobra Triangle?

Ha! Just beat me to it Manuel, that's definitely Cobra Triangle.

What about this:


I don't know the new one, though.

Neither do i!

Wow, I have no idea about the new one.

What about this:

Double Dare


No, but you're on the right line. It is a game show.

American Gladiators

No. Time to reveal the answer me thinks... It was Fun House.


That's Super Mario 2.

Yeah, who wouldn't know that one.

They are all easy when you know them.

Try this one on for size:

Wrath of the Black Manta?

It does look a bit like Wrath of the Black Manta doesn't it but no that's not it.

Well, the background looks like New York City...
Could it be 'Spiderman'?

No. Time for a clue:

This game series was much (much much) better on the SNES/Genesis/Arcade.

Street Fighter 2010 ?

Has to be it

Can we just not wait for Roth to say yes or no. I already know the answer. Here is the next 1:

Yep that's right!

That knew one looks familiar but I'm not quite sure.

I'll say Adventure Island.

But I'm not sure which one... so I'm going to guess #2.

Nope, now 1 or 3 to pick from.

There were 4 Adventure Islands.

I'll say no.1 but that's a guess.

Well, to cap it off, I'll guess Adventure Island 3.

Unfortunately, part 4 was never released in NTSC form. I've played the NES ROM for it briefly, and I must say it's one of the better of the four. It reminds me of Wonder Boy III for SMS in a way. It's definately one of the PAL games that I'd like to get my hands on.

yes, you are right.

No Idea looks like an RPG!

Knowing Star Tropics it could VERY WELL be Star Tropics.


Dragon Warrior???? (a very bad guess)

No.This is a shooter, not an RPG.

Dragon Spirit

Yes, that's Dragon Spirit.

Here's one.

Chip 'n Dale?


Here's one.

Bucky O'Hare

Here's one.

Bucky O'Hare


Unfortunately, part 4 was never released in NTSC form. I've played the NES ROM for it briefly, and I must say it's one of the better of the four. It reminds me of Wonder Boy III for SMS in a way. It's definately one of the PAL games that I'd like to get my hands on.

Actually Adventure Island 4 was never released in Europe either, so there isn't a PAL version. It was only released for the Famicom, which outputs the NTSC signal.




now this!!!!

Its so easy


Yes , Quite obvious.

Bug's Bunny's Birthday Blowout?


Oooooo, I wish I was there to answer it. I love that game. Hours of fun.

YAy this ones for the Sega CD.

Its konami

This is for NES Games... please don't post screens from other consoles.

Yeah, sorry Devil. Let's keep this thread specifically for the NES. If you'd like, you can make that a seperate topic in 'Other Classic Systems.' Perhaps we should have a Sega Background Game there...

Skate or Die?

720 Degrees

Correct, Daynum!

The Empire Strikes back.

I'm on a roll tonight!

Sorry don't have any new ones to post at the moment.

Ah... you are very right... again! Good stuff....

I'll have to go through and make some newer ones that I want to post... anyone else up?

Little Samson

that one lookes a bit like Little Samson.

EDIT: bah! Star-Tropics got it first...

Wow 2 minutes after I post it there's 2 correct answers. Nice!


Final Fantasy???


Day Dreamin' Davey?

Darn. Just about to say that. Is it Day Dreamin Davey?

Is that 'Sweet Home'?
(The game that people are somehow under the impression is "Survival Horror" just because it has horror elements in it.)

I think that's Gargoyle's Quest 2.


Woo hoo!


The New Zealand Story, or Kiwi Kraze in the US.


And a bonus point for giving both names.


Boulder Dash

can u guess this one? i got another one then.


can u guess this one? i got another one then.

Is it Adventure Island 3? That tree looks familiar...

Yea u r right. Here is another,

Looks kinda Megaman.

Howsabout this one?

(I left a few things in, elsewise you'd have nothing to work with)

EDIT: Fixed the link

Thank you, Luke.

Link still not worky.

@#%$! free pagemakers. Ah well, I'm not doing well today. Just ignore it.


DraGoniKa 2?


Bonk's Adventure, I think.


How do you guies edit these, is it a Photo Shop thing?

Most emulators allow you to disable sprite layers and just get the pure background, so not a whole lot of emulating is required.

Yeah in the NES emulator FCEU you can do that with just the toggle of a button.

Which button?

I believe it's F4. If you want to see just the sprites, press Shift+F4. Also, this doesn't always get rid of everything. You may need to get rid of life meters and stuff like that on some games.


Sorry for the double post. Heres the next pic.

The Little Mermaid

Yep. Your turn.

...G.I. Joe? (bad guess)

You're right! (good guess)

Alright, here we go...

That looks like it could be Cowboy Kid though I've only played it for about 5 minutes so I'm not too sure.

Very correct, Daynum!

Hint: This is a shooter scene segment.

Shooter segment, eh?

Guardian Legend?

Correct you are, NES-Luke!

Hmm well I know I recognize this one but...

The only thing I can think of is one of the Hello Kitty games, but they look more like bunnies than kitties!

Nope... that's not it.

Hint: This is a light gun game.

Barker bills trick shooting

Good job Uglyjack!

Hint: Get the key from the little monster.

Is that a full screen shot? or is it just the 'active' part of the screen? meaning that menus and other things border it?

I think you're onto something, Uglyjack...

Hint: Point and click game that starts with the letter 'U'

uninvited...but i never played it.

It's a pretty good game, you should check it out sometime.

Smash TV.

Damn I finally knew one and someone took it.
oh well

GI Joe:Atlantis Factory????

Yes, it was GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor.


That looks like the arcade version of Xevious.

yeah its Xevious. I was playing it with my quikshot the otherday..


That's easy, Isolated Warrior.

Yes, it's Isolated Warrior.

i have only played Dragon Warrior 1, and that kindof looks lilke it so ill take a wild wild guess and say DW 2.


DW 2?

Hmmm... Someone isn't paying attention...

Sorry. I'm not at my house right now, and I just took a glance, and took a guess.

DW2? I mean Destiny of an Emperor. I mean Destiny of an Emperor.


Is that Kirby's Adventure?

It is! What about this?

Isn't that Felix?

Yes it is! You guys are on top form today.

Hint: This may look like DW2, but it's not

Thats either Guerilla Warfare, or another Snk shooter. Am I right?

Guerilla Warfare it is!

If you can actually "play" through this one, you have talent.


Ooh so close...
But not quite the exact title.

Impossible Mission II ?

Yes. That is correct. That game makes no sense.

Someone else go now.


This is so easy i'm almost embarrassed to post it.

I'm gonna hold off and see if anyone else knows it

Fire & Ice.

Yes! It lasted over an hour. Longer than I thought.

It's not FIRE & ICE.


Notice that that is a 'N. not a &.

All aboard!

I'll give you a hint...
It's not 'Dirty Harry'.

Circus Charlie?

It's not FIRE 'N ICE< it's Solomons Key 2

For the last one, Mappy?

Close Enough, it's 'Mappy Land' (one of the few games involving a mouse in a police uniform).

I don't think 'Fire 'n Ice' was ever actually called 'Solomons Key 2' although it is the sequel to 'Solomons Key'.

EDIT: I stand corrected...

got one for you.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice and so he was summoned.



Is that 'Zoda's Revenge: Zoda's Revenge Star Tropics 2'?

Is it? Is it?

No. No it isn't.

Monster In My Pocket then?

I honestly have no idea.

No. But you're really close. On a scale of hot to cold, you're steaming.

Monster Party? If that's right, someone else can go next... I don't have any ready just yet.

Monster Party it is! One strange game.

fun this game is.
the white is from where i Pasted it on Paint,

Air Fortress?

Nope, That aint air fotress.

Is that Section-Z?

correct its SectionZ, ive got a game with the label of SectionZ but is really Commando.

ive also got a game with Contras Label buts really Pinball.

Damn...cant think of the name but i know its a Megaman rip off game..something runner i think.

The Krion Conquest

That's from Bible Adventures I think. I'm not sure which game though.

Bible adventures, yes. But can anyone guess the particular game?

i only know one Bible game that i dont even quite know if it is.


Which i seriously doubt it is.

Joshua?? theres three:
Noahs Ark
Baby Moses
David and Goliath.

like i said i wasnt sure if Joshua was one obviously not now moving on.

Haha alright, it was David and Goliath. The backrounds in david and noahs ark are quite similar.

Ikari Warriors or Heavy Barrel

Didn't see anyone answer it... if they did BAH!

Hint: This may look like DW2, but it's not

Yeah, it was already answered as Guerilla War.


awsome shooter!

Ha! You're even more picky than I am

is it just like Commando, or Ikari warriors and stuff.

I know capcom Did Mercs for the Genesis(i have it) its like Commando but a little more to it.

How about this:

How about this:
Mad Max?

Nope. Hint: It's a simulator.

Argh I know I know this one, but all those first person flight games look the same too me and I don't really like any of them. Ultimate Air Combat?


How about this:

Stealth ATF


Ha! Nice catch While I'm here, I'll post one up:

EDIT: I was referring to a post about me posting in the wrong thread... it's all screwy now hahaha nevermind about the "wrong thread." Props go to OGTL though

one of the Bart Vs. Games?

Isn't that Wally Bear?

Yep... Wally Bear and the Gang.

i have no idea and Was prince of persia on NES if it was thats my guess.

Yes it was, and that's it.

OK what about this:

Three Stooges.

TIDBIT: They released the three stoges game on the playstation. EXACT SAME FARKIN GAME. I payed 16.00 for a game i already had on my NES.

Three Stooges, yes.

The same game on the Playstation? That's wierd. It isn't like it's an all time classic game.

Edit: what was I thinking. It's The Three Stooges. They deserve games on every system.

Try this one;

3 stooges nes game on the playstation...that is odd considering it wasnt even that old when the ps came out. Anyway i beat Megaman X3 on the snes again. Man i love those games

The stooges made a GBA debut, too.

Try this one;

i don't even think the game im gonna put exists, Battle Chess?

Battle Chess a real game but no, it's not from Battle Chess.

It's a shooter with the camera set behind the player, ala Iridion 3D.

Kind of boring, actually. wierd music choices.

Is it 720? Looks like it could be but I never got past the first level of that game.



It's similar to Iridion 3D, except with lame cutscenes.

Starts with a 'T'. One word.



Sorry, this was obviously too obscure, and I'm going to give someone else a chance now. It was Tetrastar.


Sorry, this was obviously too obscure, and I'm going to give someone else a chance now. It was Tetrastar.

i thought tetrastar was 2 words

Really? So someone actually knew what I was thinking? My ego is officially no longer bruised. Everyone, rejoice.

That's ! It's one of the games I'm playing now as part of my "Halloween Scary Games" marathon I'm doing this week.



i dunno
Star Tropics
Deagon Warrior
Dragon Warrior II
Dragon Warrior III
Dragon Warrio IV

i have no idea


Ninja Kid?

Might as well take a stab at it:

I don't think it's Willow. Those doors look so damn familiar...
Is it Ys?

I'll figure this out, mark my words.

Its Arkista's Ring!!!!

I loooove that game! Catchy-ass music.
Someone else go, I have no pics ready

Here's a favorite of mine:

Fire N Ice!?

Ayuh. Fire n' Ice. One kickass puzzler.

a pretty good game

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Yeah That was pretty fast. Mind if i post another?

n problem. i don't have any.

North and South?


Is it Rock'n kats?

Nope, but thats warm...

Then I am forced to guess Wacky Races.

Haha... Nope... Major hint: think "Feline"

AH! Eureka! I was thinking that those two games were both Atlus.

Felix the Cat.

Hah, Nopee!!

Puss n Boots.

DING DING DING! We have a winner

Try this:

damn :D
Uh, Peter pan & the Pirates?

Wow you got it in 2 minutes. Well done.

Well, I was feeling so bad after that loss that I simply had to totally beat the hell out of SOMETHING.

Anyway, go again. I don't have any backgrouds ;D

ohh ohh can i go?

Yes please do.

alright, here goes:

I what that game is...


Destination Earthstar?

I what that game is...


Destination Earthstar?


... is it To The Earth?

Im almost certain that isnt to the earth..

not to the earth....

Space Shuttle Project maybe?

That might be it.

I keep trying to remember what it is, but all I can think of is Tetrastar.

A winner is you!

Hey guys,

Here's my first one!

Hey guys,

Here's my first one!

Adventure Island.

yes... Well, this is fun! I might do some more!

SWORD MASTER! One of my absolute !

You said that so enthusiastically that I almost put that you were correct! Sorry, but that's not it Uber Newb.

It's not?!

Wait a second... okay, I looked at it closer. It looks like the forest castle in the beginning of Sword Master. But the cliff goes across the screen, it doesn't jut out. Damn, I was psyched to see someone else bring up Sword Master...

Yeah, I don't know what it is.

Legacy of the Wizard

Ha! Good one Commander Campkill

I guess it's time for a hint; think horror.

Maniac Mansion?

I can't figure whether or not it's an in-game screenshot, or a cinema. I'm wondering if it's one of the Castlevania games.

nah, doesn't look like anything in a Castlevania. the colors and the art aren't even close. if it is from a Castlevania game, someone slap me

Wait a second... would that be... Frankenstein, by any chance?

Yes it is

hmmm... turrican nes by any chance?

No, sure isn't.

hmm..kick master?


Abadox? Bad Guess.

seems like a shooter or and Adventure game.

A Boy and His Blob.... i don't know

No, although at first glance it does look sort of like that... One more guess and I'll include a hint.


Conan it is!

That one looks familiar...

Back to the Future 2 and 3?

Conan it is!


Sorry OSG, but you got it NG4K5! If someone wants to go next they can, I'm out of shots right now.

Yes it is

I can't I missed Conan.

Alright, got one

Hmmm. Simpsons Krustys playhouse??

Yeah Krusty's Fun House for sure.

Ninja Turtles III?


no and no

Yeah Krusty's Fun House for sure.

That's got to be ''.
If not than it's probably some other game that's not 'NARC'.

It is not some other game that is not NARC, it is in fact NARC.

Yes, that is the actual background. Only the "sprites" have been removed.

Werewolf: The Last Warrior.

Thanks to Roth for suggesting I play that one a few months back.

Ha! Good call Luke!

That looks like it could be Cybernator...

hmm... never heard of Cybernator. I'll have to look that up. Guess again

isn't cybernator a SNES title.?

Is it X-Men?

No, it's not X-Men.

HINT: Rescue the people before the ship blows!

Give me a hint! Does it's name start with a V?

You know, when you mention that it makes me think Vindicators...

similar art style and stuff.

Nope, not Vindicators either.

Alien Syndrome.

(Holy crap, where have I been.)

PS, Roth: I know what your signature quote is from. Red Dwarf is fantastic.

Yeah, you've been gone forever.
As for the background, no idea.

Yes, I was about to give the answer this morning too! Good job!

Yes it is

Hmmmm.... could this be..

Jurassic Park.

Yes. The dinosaur and jp on the signs give it away.

Yes it is! I'm out of shots right now if someone else would like to post one.

Roth, you are forbidden to guess at this one, it would take the fun out of it.

I removed the being to protect the identity of the innocent.

Ha! No prob, I generally like to see who knows what anywho

Is it "colour a dinosaur"? (or whatever it's called)


I only knew as I just read the review of it on Nes Life.

Most likely the shittiest game ever conceived by mankind.




actually it's a Dinosaur


actually it's

David is from the UK, and OGTL is from Canada, two countries that know how to spell. I don't know why you americans had to misspell everything...

shut up Canadian

Hey! That's true, Color- Colour Hmm... ah, well, we're too lazy to add a u

Hey! That's true, Color- Colour Hmm... ah, well, we're too lazy to add a u

BAD Javi_92! it's your job as an American to DISAGREE with them!

I agree Campkill, and we should Take this to the Debate thread.


actually it's

I couldn't force myself to use the American spelling.

Jeez, I have some catching up to do.

I I'd heard it somewhere. Now let's see if anyone recognizes my sig.

We do it to piss you off. Damn dirty furriners.

I I'd heard it somewhere. Now let's see if anyone recognizes my sig.

Is it from Mst3k? That's like my favorite show.. I did recognize Jet Jaguar, but the quote doesn't ring a bell.

Yes, yes, MST3k is uber L337, and it's a good guess, considering the "invisible" enemies in the Cave Dwellers. However, an MST quote would be too easy for me. I had to choose a bizarre, truly excellent, and yet not well-known, comedy and quote it's most insane part. Hint: It's a Steve Martin movie.

And, going back to the topic, I have a screenshot. I think the game is obscure enough to be kind of a challenge.

I have no idea what the Japanese name is for game, so please use the english one.

'Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious'


Three Amigos

Done, and done.

By the way, what the heck was the first Knightmare? I've only seen the Maze of Galious.

I am not sure if 'Knightmare 1' was ever released for the Famicom. I know of it from the MSX1 version.
It kind of plays like 'King's Knight' on NES, and is nothing like 'Maze of Galious' in terms of game play.

Next screenshot...


Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

I got a couple.... Sorry if i do some that were already done, I looked through all the pages so I should be ok.

Easy one first:

Dick Tracy?


Next one:

ummm Duckhunt.

That's the part where you shoot the disks, right?

thats what i think.

i agree that i think it is Duckhunt.

i'm gonna have to disagree

Nope, its not Duckhunt........ this one might be kinda hard

Is it California Games?

Yep, you got it OSG.... Do you know which event?

Here's the next one, a little harder.

Update: I think this might be too hard, because it is not actual gameplay...... Let me know if it is I have one or two more that could replace it.

i think i know the event, Frisbee/Discus thingie?

Yes Captain Rad, that was the event.

Update: I think this might be too hard, because it is not actual gameplay...... Let me know if it is I have one or two more that could replace it.

Noone??? not even any guessess? hmm

Hint: opening video for a great

i don't know, but it looks like the guy to the right is holding a wee wee in his hand

Hunh. I think if anyone had played it, they'd recognize the visual style of the people... then again, maybe not. Try an in-game pic.

Ok heres an "in game" shot.....

Yes. But CRS said it already :P

I have no idea about the new one.

Is that Rollergames?

Yep that be Rollergames, I used to play that game for hours

It'll be interesting to see who admits to knowing this one:

Barbie, one of Daynum's girlfriends' favorite games

Thats it Roth, are you sure its not one of favorites?
These are too easy, i'll find harder ones for the next set.... here is the last one:

Im out after that one, for now.......


I heard that Roth has Barbie glued into his NES.

Thats Baby Boomer, a game that lets you shoot your zapper at a baby. And they say Grand Theft Auto is violent!

Best graphics ever?

hmmm... not sure about that pic. The part about Barbie glued into my NES is true though. Somebody told me the adhesive I used was a cleaning solution. I knew I should've cleaned Ninja Gaiden first! Never trust the Internets!

Best graphics ever?

Wait... is that that one game that came with the Aladdin Deck Enhancer... with the egg dude?

Dizzy? No it's not our little egg friend. Maybe this one is a bit unfair, seeming as not many people will own it.

Is it Adventure Island 3


Not many people own it, eh? I'll throw out a wild guess; Menace Beach.

Bubble BAth babes ?

i know it not this though,

No it's neither of those. I'll give the answer seeming as in hindsight I think this one was a bit unfair. It's Cheetahmen II. I forgot when I posted the screenshot that the game was technically unreleased, although a batch of them did become available at a later date so you'll see it on Ebay sometimes. If you haven't played it it's worth trying the NES ROM, just to see how bad it is.

Ok, back on track:

Uh, anyway...

I think that last screen shot was of 'Bram Stoker's Dracula - The Official Game of the Movie of the Novel'.

You are correct sir!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2?

Nope, that one's mighty final fight, very good, but obscure game, kind of like River City Ransom!

Nope, that one's mighty final fight, very good, but obscure game, kind of like River City Ransom!

Yep, thats it. Did you, by chance, notice I forgot to change the filename?

I saw that they were gonna make a second one to it too. With the characters names as Ryu, Ken, and other Sreet Fighter characters. But it got scrapped

nope, was just playing it on emu a couple weeks ago, and I just won it off ebay so the background was fresh.

Eh? That's not my site.

Eh? That's not my site.

Sorry, I meant:

"the site that Roth "


Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt



Bonk's Adventure.

You guys are good! I give up....... for now

Here's one for you guys.

That's the final room in Shadowgate, right?

Correct. One of my favorite NES Games (see my avatar and sig).

Here's an easy one.......hopefully it hasn't been done before. I went through all the pages but I may have missed a few.......

Ironsword? (W&WII)

Pretty close.

That looks like the final boss room of the first Wizards & Warriors. Looks like that infamous skull shape to me anyhow

Yes, it is the final boss from W&W I.

Here is another. (note - I had to edit out a name in the upper center of the screen).

A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Yes indeed.


hmmmm... I really don't know. That would've been a great scene for The Adventures of Bayou Billy though.

I'll take a guess with Pirates! I'm pretty sure that's incorrect though.

Is that from Eliminator Boat Duel?

No and no.

Is that also Shadowgate? Or maybe or Uninvited or Deja Vu? I get the feeling I've seen it in one of those games.

Yes, it is the sewer alligator from Deja Vu.

I'll post another one soon.

Ha I remember it now. It made me jump when i first saw it in Deja Vu (I think because it is unexpected).


Adventures in the Magic Kingdom?

Ding! Correct.

Here's another (maybe pretty easy for most)

Ducktales...2? maybe

Duck Tales 1.

Here's my last one for the day. I'll try to make more tomorrow.

(Note on this one I had to remove a pic from the bottom center and a word that gives it away from the bottom right)

Rygar? i dont know

No, not Rygar.

It's been awhile so I'll give a hint......

Hint = The main character is the best there is at what he does.

Chuck Norris had his own NES game?

I don't know, Pesterminator?

I know it's not, but still, he's the best at what does.

winnie the pooh, because tigger does what tiggers do best.


No comic book fans here? Oh, that's another clue.

It's not Silver Surfer and it's not The Punisher... Captain America and the Avengers?

Is it Wolverine?

I'm fairly sure baddog is correct, Wolverine

Ayuh, that's Wolverine allright. Just played it.

Yes, it is Wolverine.

i wanna do the next one... if that's ok?

EDIT: i'll take that as a yes. it'll be up shortly

i made a double post so people would notice the new post.....

anyways, here it is:

i made a double post so people would notice the new post.....

anyways, here it is:


damn, got it

It's been a while, so anyone mind if I take a go?


yeah, go ahead


anyway, here's one of my most cherished games;


Nope, but you're dead on with the medieval theme.

damn i know it, but can't think of the name!

Sword Master

We have a winner!

This one most likely has already been done, but I just couldn't resist.

Oh...I liked that game...its Kung Fu Heroes

Yep, that would be correct

Allright, slackers, Here's a decently easy one.

I dare say that is Garfield?!

Nope. It a licensed cartoon game, though.

Chip 'n Dales Rescue Rangers 2 for sure.

Bingo. You're up.

Let's see who can get this one:

What in the blue blazes? What are those, octopods?

I suppose you can call them that. However the main give away is the green tiles...

I'll try a guess--
New Zealand Story?

I'll try a guess--
New Zealand Story?

Nope try again. This game also had a sequel to it...


Ha! I keed, I keed. Um... is it, like, one of those other pusszle games? Like Lolo's Adventure?


Ha! I keed, I keed. Um... is it, like, one of those other pusszle games? Like Lolo's Adventure?

Haha not close at all. This game falls under the "Action/Adventure" genre.

Total random guess: Nobunaga's Ambition?

Nope. I've never even heard of that game . I'm running out of hints so if the next person doesn't get it I'll put up a new one. Your first weapon in this game is a ...

Its Star Tropics dagnabbit! Even I knew that one.
That there mikey is the prime example of a fine american boy. Taken out his aggressions on those blasted communist terrorist menaces to our fair country with only a yo-yo.
What's that? He was fightin' aliens? O well, same thing.
I bet that Zoda character don't even have a green card! Thems ilegal aliens if ya ask me.

Anyways... Good heavens youngons yer losin' it. You kids musta went to school in east mexico or somethin'.
Pay more attention...
and taxes.

Warmest regards


Well I'll be damned! Not only is it an appearance from our *cough* American president, but he also guesses the game correctly.

Well I created an easy one....

The word "Clue" automatically came to mind, but that wasn't released for the NES

Maniac Mansion? A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Nope and nope

I'll give it one more day or two more people's guesses and then I'll let everyone know what it is from.

Durnit, could we get a hint?

This hint will totally give it away I think....

When you jump and hold the jump button, a helicopter blade comes out of your back.

This one just really has me stumped. I'll just toss out a guess..Dr. Chaos?
The graphics kind of look like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but I that's not it.

This one just really has me stumped. I'll just toss out a guess..Dr. Chaos?
The graphics kind of look like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but I

Nope. I'll give it one more guess and then I'll let everyone know what it is.

OK. One more try.
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York?


The game was Stanley Search for Dr. Livingston

Ok here's a hard one:

*sigh*. I give up. I've searched high, I've searched low, I've searched North, I've searched South. I've searched East and West, and Even Where The Two Shall Meet.

And I still have no clue what that game is. But I've seen that damn symbol , I know it.

King Neptune's Adventure?

You got it!

Son of a- no wonder I didn't remember it!

Bad Dudes... easy!

No, no, no. You see, the second poster, Daynum, answered Bad Dudes. He got it right, so another picture was posted. And so on. Right now, it's up to someone to post another background picture, but we're too lazy to do it.

Then I shall just wait here... waiting... waiting for the next picture... because I am blessed, or some say, cursed, with the most unearthly patience this realm has ever seen! And I shall wait, even if entrapy devours us all before the next picture!

Ummm, yea... okay. Try this:

Wild guess - Felix the Cat?

Nope. Try again.

Little Nemo?


The Flintstones?

Kind of reminds me of a Megaman, but I don't know which. I'm probably wrong. I suck.

We have a winner! You got the next one daynum.

Here goes:


Muppet Adventure for sure.

Cobra Triangle?

Mr Poo got it.

I figured someone would say Toobin as it's very similar to that part of Muppet Adventure (but Toobin is better).

Woo Hoo I was close!!!!

This one is pretty easy I think. Also it's from one of my favorite games.

Holy hell, I'm having an "Uber Newb moment," AKA, I know I've seen that before, but can't quite remember...
So, I'll guess. Tom And Jerry?

Hm... I want to say A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Holy hell, I'm having an "Uber Newb moment," AKA, I know I've seen that before, but can't quite remember...
So, I'll guess. Tom And Jerry?


Wrong again.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2?



I'll show more of the pic if the next ones wrong.

My first thought was Tom and Jerry, but ToddVania already said that.

This should give it away... I think.

Chip'n Dale?

Yeah those boxes are definitely Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers! Think that might be from the second game?

Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers 2 is right!

Never played part 2, but it looked very "Rescue Ranger"-ish.

I was too late for the second pic. However, like manuel said, I haven't played the 2nd one, but the boxes give it away.

How are you guys getting screenshots with just the background? Is it a certain emulator?

I think some emulators allow you to choose layers and then leave out the sprites.

Or you use paintshop and erase the sprites.

I think some emulators allow you to choose layers and then leave out the sprites.

Or you use paintshop and erase the sprites.

Cool, thanks. I'll try it, but first I have to get one right, lol.

With FCE Ultra, you can turn off the sprites. Read the documentation that comes with it on how to do this. I'm not sure if other emus do this, as I haven't really looked into it, but FCE Ultra does. Sometimes though, there are life meters and status bars that aren't part of the sprites, but part of the background. These should be edited out with whatever image manipulation program you're comfortable with.

If I had to do one of those, I would use and take a little section of the background pattern and copy it, then I would remove the sprites and turn the piece of background I took earlier, convert it into a bitmap, break it apart, and turn it into a fill which I could put in all of the holes where the sprites had been. Bootleg, I know, but it would get the job done.

I just copy and paste in MS paint!

I use the copy function in Paintshop Pro. Easy and fast.

Shatterhand. Great game.

Unfortunately for me, only some of the computers I get to use in my day to day life can actually see these pictures. I really need to get online faster at home so I can catch one of these.

Shatterhand pwnz. too bad i missed that one

Yes. Indeed. This is a background to something.
But what?


Almost looks like something from Super Mario Bros. 3