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Great Rpg/Action game for the nes. Has anybody else played it? If not, you should. It earns the Shadow Recomendation

I've recently had my attention brought to this game, and I think I need to find a cart somewhere so I can check it out. unless of course I have it on my NesterDC disc. although I usually only use that for seeing what games are like. I can't play seriously on an emulator...

I just recently discovered that game (over the summer, I believe). That was an awesome game! It plays pretty much like Zelda, but has it's own style. Very fun, for sure!

Great game, i am getting it soon in a trade,known this game a long time but never owned it can't wait to play.

I played the game on an emulator a few nights ago and it seemed very familiar, I must have played it a long time ago. I wish I still had all my old stuff...

I know I've owned a few R.O.Bs in my day...

That's a quite good game.
It's just a bit annoying that you always talk to people automatically when you face them. I prefer to push a button when I want to speak.

That's a quite good game.
It's just a bit annoying that you always talk to people automatically when you face them. I prefer to push a button when I want to speak.

Ha! I know what you mean! It's horrible to just bump and talk! Much better to just hit the button once to talk. The other extreme would be the early Dragon Warriors, where you had to push the button, THEN select what action to do, such as talk, stairs, etc....

That's hardcore RPGing.
This sort of gaming maked me kind of nostalgic... Selecting anything you do from some menu.
To speak from that, I liked Maniac Mansion.
(Perhaps we need a Maniac Mansion thread in the games section...)

'Crystalis' is a great adventure game. My favorite part is where you can use magic to change your appearance and slip past guards and other characters.
The boss battles are exciting as well.

I need to play that again. Unfortunately I only have the NES ROM on my computer. Would like to have the cart. I need to do some search in Japan the next time.

I'm getting the cart very soon well within a few weeks, it's coming from Canada by boat so it can take up to 4-6 weeks.
Some dude traded a few games for 1 complete double i got but the shipping was mega high for airmail so i have to wait.

I just shipped a cart from Canada to Norway by air mail... it was only about $6 CDN... that's not mega high...

I understand that 1 isn't, this guy traded my Dragon Fighter complete for Crystalis cart,8 Eyes cart,Rambo boxed and The Guardian Legend boxed,so he has to send 4 games in a box,can understand that shipping can get high then.

I think air mail for that would be about $12 CDN... one cart was under 0.1 KG, and 4 would, theoretically be 0.4KG and therefore only be $12.20 according to this:

although surface is half that cost, so I suppose if you're not in a rush for it, it is worth it to wait.

Perhaps that guy wanted more than the normal fare is?

If you have to wait some weeks, the joy is bigger when receiving it.

when i first got Crystalis i knew little of it. when i popped it in and started playing it, i couldnt put it down! played it nearly straight through til i beat it damn fine game

Thats the same thing I did! I actually beat the whole game on an emulator, and found the cart in a gamestop about a year ago and snagged it! Heh, I am so smooth.

As i said i'm getting game mega soon, i stopped playing the NES ROM otherwise i won't play it if i finish it or know too much what to do to beat it.
This game must be one of the best SNK releases on the NES.

Most definately! By SNK I love Crystalis and Iron Tank. Other than that, nothing jumps to my mind. The Ikari series was pretty shabby, although the third was the best between the three. Another great game they put out was Baseball Stars! Now that was cool. So... three games jump to mind.

Ja man i like them all 3, but that's just me i think, grew up with Ikari Warriors!

I played the first one ALMOST all the way through.

reasons it sucks:


#2) it is bug ridden and poorly put together. I was playing with a friend and he got stuck in walls and other obstacles VERY easily. we even determined that the rockets/bombs that come at you only show up when you're stuck to kill you and free you. But then that doesn't even work some times. On one stage he was moving, but still stuck in the grounnd, he went UNDER the mud and water, and when he shot, there was no bullet.

#3) the last boss is a dead guy?

Crystalis is a good game. i can not say i have beaten it yet

I have beaten this game several times over a 12 yr time period. i own it with original box/manual/sleeve in perfect condition.. i have a massive collection of nes and sNES Games, all complete. i even have about 10 NES Games factory sealed. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of em. some idiot sold it to me at a pawn shop for $5! it goes for over $40 on ebay.

Crystalis is up there with Zelda and i think its one of the best action rpg's ever made. it's classis with a solid story, fun fighting and great gameplay in general. i hope someone will remake it soon and make it as well as the latest Zelda games were made.