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NES Music
I got this game
Halloween contact lenses
my Fire 'N Ice (Solomon's Key 2) shrine
MC Kids/ McDonaldland
Map for "Metroid"?
Manual scans
I found a 700-in-1 game!
Bionic Commando
Website with Full Nintento Power Magazine Scans?
What's more difficult: "Zelda" or "Metroid&qu
SOCOM 3 Online
Captain America and the Avengers
NES Cart Death
Judging by the cover art
Female video game characters
arabian knights
Best graphics on NES
Famicom Gaming System, i need help please
Life Force: to be or not to be Gradius.
SMB 2(our version) Question
Cartoon NES games
Question about space shooters
Karnov the Movie
Owning all NES games
Manuals (again)
"Metroid" walkthrough (shortest way)
Games you're intrinsically bad at!
VS games
snoopy silly sports spectacular
when is a game really beaten?
Scary Nes games.
Lot almost gone
Fan Games
Movie inspiration for NES games
Top 100 Best Games Ever (GameFAQs)
What was your very first NES game?
What is your hardest Nes game?
Side Scrolling Shooters ( NOT CONTRA )
rattle in nes game cartrigers
NES squirrels
Attention Grasped Games
i need a name or 2....
Night Slashers
NES Nation Font
Need an Adventure game recommendation
Tengen Tetris vs. Nintendo Tetris
Moon Crystal
REALLY classic NES
Famicom games
Excite Bike - Selection A, Track 3 Speed Trial
Anyone know which game this is? Please!
NEW NES Flash Trivia game
Donkey Kong - Who can score the highest?
Need help with this game - Hi No Tori -Houou Hen -Gaou no Bo
slalom for NES
Balloon Fight - High Score Challenge!
"What's that game"
What game is this?!?!?!
Die Hard
Live action Punchout homage
does any one what game is this
What game is this?
Can you "name this game"??? Tough one!
My turn!
Whats this game?
I'll take "Whats that game" for 200
Nintendo Power
My New Way of Gaming on the NES
need help in identifying game
I search PicaClick, 4in1
What is this game called?
another game i don't find the name
Need Instructions for "To The Earth"
Duck Tales 2
Games with different ending
Famicom Games
What's this game, please?
EarthBound for NES?
Instructions for NES "Shooting Range" &"L
Saiyuuki World
Worst Movie to Game?
Insult to the 8 bit
The "Game of the Week" Thread
Bionic Commando Differences
only on GameFAQs....
whats this gmae????!!!
Please Help Me
You're not alone in liking "Athena"
Console Emulators... In a tourney, BLASPHEMY!
Yet another "what's this game" topic
Was gauntlet ever released for the Famicom?
NES without nostalgia anyone?
Gremlins 2