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I know that there have been a lot of "what's that game" threads recently, but...


I need help finding info on a game...

...Look, this has been bugging me for a while, awright? I've tried looking for it for a long time, but nothing's come up.

When I was younger, I played what seemed to be a very good Japanese game, and I've never been able to dig up any information on it. If any of youse guyses finds anything out about this game, lemme know.

like that...
, Zelda-like elements, may or may not have had rpg elements, as well... I think it had cinemas...

Anyway, the only thing I've ever been able to find on it are screenshots.

Is there a NES ROM of this lying around somewhere? Was there ever an english-translation NES ROM? HALP!

i have no idea, but it looks pretty interesting whatever it is.

Seems its named wrong on the vgmuseum site. I googled konami famicom 1987 came up with this:

And googled all konami titles by that year, you owe me!

It's called Getsufuu Maden and it didn't get an official english version but there's a fan translation.

Aha! Well, thanks to your revelation about the title, and I was finally able to track down some information. Apparently, it's also known as "Getsufuuma Densetsu. Here's an excerpt from a walkthrough I tracked down:

"Getsufuu Maden is a great Japanese RPG which was produced by Konami back in 1987. Player takes control of a samurai warrior who has to get rid of the evil that has taken control over an island. The gameplay is kind of a mix between Zelda,Castlevania II:Simon's Quest and Dungeon Master(PC). It has the overworld and underworld scene like Zelda did,but the underworld scene is completely a side scroller. In some special caves, the gameplay turns into a Dungeon Master type of gameplay. This game has some of the greatest tunes I've ever heard, especially the underworld tune. The enemies and bosses are awesome.They look more impressive than the early Castlevania game's enemies and bosses."

EDIT: Jackpot! You can get the english NES ROM .

EDIT EDIT: More info!

Hadouken?! Does that have anything to do with... ...?